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Nanolex Pure Shampoo


Nanolex Pure Shampoo is a highly effective car wash foaming shampoo that offer tons of suds! It's extremely mild (pH-neutral), phosphate and NTA-free exterior car shampoo, yet has excellent cleaning capabilities.

The expert combination of surfactants guarantees highly effective cleaning, and detergent properties which give high foaming and superb slip properties.  Wash your vehicle comfortably knowing any protection on the vehicle will not be effected.

Nanolex Pure Shampoo is highly concentrated, the recommend dilution for use is 1:200-1:500. You can apply Pure Shampoo using a pump sprayer and/or a foam lance.

  • Super concentrated- little goes a long way
  • HIGH foaming power
  • pH-neutral and safe for all surfaces and vehicles
  • Can be used by hand, with a foam gun or foam cannon
  • Car wash foaming shampoo contains slip properties to prevent scratching while washing
  • Won't strip waxes or sealants on the vehicle

For best results washing by hand, use the two bucket wash method with a microfiber wash mitt and grit guard inserts to remove any built up dirt. 

Nanolex Pure Shampoo was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Size: 750 ml

Customer Reviews

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This is a Car Spa shampoo

Look, most of these car shampoos smell great, but this one is on a whole nother level, and the suds are almost on par wit the best of the bestest suds you have had. This is my new go to.

Chad Johnfroe
Nanolex Pure Shampoo

We discovered Nanolex products when Detailer's Domain donated products to Audi Club of Georgia for the club's annual Quattro De Mayo (QDM), and were fortunate to win the raffle of Nanolex products. We loved the way the products worked so much that we now use only Nanolex car care products and order exclusively through Detailer's Domain. They offer grate products at very competitive pricing and have excellent customer service.

Viraj Desai
Nanolex Pure Shampoo

I have been using Nanolex Pure Shampoo for a few years and all I can say is that it is much better than the Adam's Car shampoo

kevin persaud

Amazing soap! I cant stop washing my car foams great with high lubrication awesome product


Nanolex Pure Shampoo was pretty slippery when washing the car— A good sign when washing by hand!
Used about 75% water-to-25% concentrate in a foam cannon, and POW good foamy suds!
Found a good go-to car wash.