• Apply on paint that has been washed, dried, and polished

  • Paint should be cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight

  • Never apply wax over entire car and then attempt to buff off. Work only sections at a time. If you do the entire car and can't remove the product because it has become too dry, simply apply fresh wax over dried wax and buff off. DO NOT try to scrub dry wax off of surface or you may scratch the surface.

What you need:

  • Applicator: Foam applicator pad or microfiber towel

  • Microfiber towel to buff off wax

With an applicator foam pad or clean microfiber towel, pour an amount about the size of a quarter onto applicator and spread onto paintwork surface with no pressure. Apply in a 3 square foot area at a time. Allow wax to dry to a haze (no more than 1-3 minutes) and buff off with a clean microfiber cloth towel. Repeat process until car is complete. Remove any wax residue on plastic trim.


If you smearing appears on dark colored cars this is a result of too much or too little wax applied. Simply spritz the surface with water and buff off with a clean microfiber towel. Any remaining smears will disappear within 24 hours.