Adam's Summer Detailing Tips: Is it just me, or does it seem that summer brings a new element to car care? The heat, the storms, the bugs! Well, here's what I do to keep my daily driver in top shape, even though it’s black and lives outside 100% of the time! • Wash with the Waterless Car Wash every three days, instead of with water and Shampoo. • Remove the bugs on the front of the vehicle with a Clay Bar and Detail Spray twice a month, and follow with a coat of Wax. • Clay and Wax the paint, headlights, and wheels once a month, or once every two months on cars parked indoors day and night. • Leave windows cracked a half-inch on super hot days, and use a sun shield in vehicles parked outdoors during the day. • Apply an extra coat of VRT to the plastic trim every time the car is cleaned, to keep the plastic from drying out. • Apply Leather & Dash Conditioner to the entire interior, dash, door panels, and upholstery every 2 weeks. • Get new windshield wipers. I’ve been using the BOSCH blade units on our vehicles, and love them! info provided by Adam's Polishes