Here is the Adam's Polishes DVD, its got a ton of great basics here, great for a newbie or a great refresher. Exterior Washing Introduction [youtube=] Bucket Prep

Washing the Car

Wheels & Trim Cleaning Wheels and Tires [youtube=] Rinsing Tires

Tires and Trim

Washing Wheels on SUV

Advanced Detailing Cleaning Motor

Undercarriage Spray 1

Undercarriage Spray 2

Detailing SUV Engine

Drying Drying the Car

Drying the Car with Compressed Air

Glass & Interior Detailing Interior

Glass Cleaning

Cleaning Leather

Cleaning Carpet

Polish & Wax Hand Polishing [youtube=] Machine Polishing [youtube=] Machine Polish on the SUV

Polishing the Ferrari

Removing Polish [youtube=] Waxing

Removing Wax

Metal Care & Polishing Polishing Chrome

Polishing Metal

Care & Upkeep Cleaning Equipment

You can find the Adam's Polishes mentioned in this article here: Adam's Polishes