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Introducing the Uber Gray Clay Bar Kit with the Kwazar Mercury Pro + Trigger Spray Bottle

The Uber "Medium" Gray Clay Bar This kit contains: 1 Uber Gray Clay Bar 1 32 oz Optimum No Rinse 1 Kwazar Mercury Pro + 0.5 Liter Bottle More information on the product below:
Uber Gray Clay (medium grade) 200 gramRemove abrasive, bumpy sediment, fallout, rail dust, over spray and other contaminations from your paint, glass, clear coat, gel coat, or other rough surfaces. Use our clay bar and one of the detail sprays below to leave surfaces smooth and glossy ready for polishing or a coat of wax. This new and improved Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine has new polymers that offer greater lubricity and higher gloss! Your vehicle will look just waxed. Clean, shine, and protect in one step Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (as your clay lube) Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine is a true breakthrough in car care. It’s a multi-purpose product that serves as a Rinseless wash, a quick detailer, and a clay lubricant, depending on how much water you add. You don’t have to be a chemist to formulate your own excellent car care products; just follow the directions on the bottle! Plus, this product does not require rinsing. You can conserve water and still get your vehicle beautifully clean! Kwazar Mercury Pro + 0.5 Liter Trigger Spray Bottle (17 oz) Unique double-action trigger head means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals. The Cleaning Line family of Mercury PRO+ manual sprayers is a series of small professional sprayers, ranging from 0.5L to 1.0L for washing and cleaning. They are mainly earmarked for home use but also, e.g. in filling stations or in medical facilities. They are simple to use and very efficient. Their high quality and Viton seals guarantee fault- free operation. Here’s how it works: Add 1 ounce of No Rinse Wash & Shine to 2 gallons of water to make an excellent no rinse car wash. Soak a Cobra microfiber towel in the solution and wash your vehicle with the wet towel. Dry each section with another microfiber towel. There’s no need to rinse! The lubricants and substantive polymers in the formula will protect your vehicle from abrasion as it safely cleans all vehicle surfaces. The polymers encapsulate dirt and cause it to drop to the bottom of the bucket. No Rinse Wash & Shine actually cleans the wash water as it cleans your vehicle! And it leaves your vehicle super slick, like it was just waxed Add 1 ounce to wash water made with your regular car wash No Rinse Wash & Shine’s advanced polymers and lubricants offer more surface protection and slickness than ordinary car soap alone. It acts as a water softener and conditioner to improve the quality of the water that touches your vehicle to provide the ultimate safe wash. Add 2 ounces of No Rinse Wash & Shine to a gallon of water to make a super-slick clay bar lubricant. Wet the surface of your vehicle to provide a slippery protective layer beneath Opti-clay. After you’ve clayed each section, simply wipe it dry. This solution is as effective as any clay lubricant you can buy! Add 6 ounces of No Rinse Wash & Shine to a gallon of water to make an excellent quick detailer. Fill up a spray bottle with this mixture and use it to clean and shine your vehicle, just as you would use a traditional detailer. The proprietary polymers bond to the paint surface to protect it from abrasion and micro-marring as you clean. The incredible formula leaves your vehicle extremely slick and glossy, like you just applied wax.
If you were to purchase these items separately it would be $52.89 You will save $10.58 when you purchase as a kit!
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