Introducing our Uber Wheel and Tire Detailing Kit

by 1 August 26, 2010

We now have a "LITE" version of our Wheel/Tire Kit
This kit is our "LITE" version of our famous Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well Kit, we took a few items out to cater to the owner that does not have the plastic wheel wells. We also put a couple new items in this kit that we recently had great success with the Prima Nero, Prima Wheel Armour, as well as the Adams' All Purpose Cleaner which is effective as a tire cleaner, a great product to use to prep the tires for Prima Nero (tire dressing). Here is what the kit includes: 1 Sonax Wheel Cleaner 500 ml 1 Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 16 oz 1 Swissvax Wheel Brush 1 Uber Spoke Brush 1 World's Greatest Boar's Hair Wheel Brush 1 Prima Nero 16 oz 1 Prima Wheel Armour 8 oz 3 Uber Small Notched Applicators (to apply dressing) 1 Uber Yellow Applicator Pads 4 Uber All Purpose Microfiber (will ship either yellow, green, blue, or black) Kit price sold separately = $122.25 Save $12.30!!!! Kit price = $109.95 Click here to purchase

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