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What can all these product do with each other Prima Nero, Prima Wheel Armour, Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner, Adam's APC

by 1 August 19, 2010

Sonax Full Effect, Adam's APC, Prima Nero and Wheel Armour in action. The products used below to achieve these great results: Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner Prima Nero Prima Wheel Armour Figured I would post how these all work together. These dirty Audi Q7 S-Line wheels (about 1 month of brake dust) were cleaned with Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner (no brushes where used, just a pressure washer and the wheel cleaner). The tires were cleaned up with Adam's APC. After the rims and tires where dry, we applied Prima Nero on the tires for a satin finish. Prima Wheel Armour to them for a durable finish and nice shine. Wheels were extremely caked up with brake dust Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleanerin action! Adam's All Purpose Cleanerdoes a very effective job of cleaning all the grime off the tires, readying them for dressing. Clean wheels and tires Prima Nero and Wheel Armour to finish them up. Final results look impressive!

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