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Cleaning Convertible Window

It's not uncommon to see the rear window of a convertible top look hazy or even worse, yellow. Sometimes it gets so bad, that the window eventually becomes brittle and breaks. Fortunately, it's not as hard as you might think to keep the window clear and in great shape. With a little time and a little know-how, you'll save yourself some future dollars and more importantly, you'll always have a safe view of the road behind.

What You'll Need:

Glass Cleaner einszett Paint Polish

Microfiber Towel

Glass Microfiber

Convertible Plastic Windows

For many years now, plastic windows have been made from a 40 mil PVC plastic because they are affordable and effective. However, they are prone to aging and browning and therefore a safety hazard. The plasticizers in the plastic leach out over time allowing the plastic to become brittle and hard over time. A plastic window that's allowed to do this will become hazy and eventually become opaque making for a safety hazard.

Developed by BMW, a new type of urethane-based plastic called TPU is a lot more durable and resists the drying and browning effect. It is more expensive but requires less frequent replacement.

Regardless of which type of plastic window you have, regular maintenance will give you extend the life time of your window and be safer too.

Regular Maintenance

Assuming that your window is not hazy, brown and damaged, it's important to keep the surface clean on a regular basis. Washing your car should be a weekly or bi-weekly event depending on how often you drive it. When washing the car, be sure to also clean all windows, including the rear plastic window of your convertible top, with an ammonia-free glass cleaner such as Adam's Glass Cleaner.

Windscreen Clear will remove any grime, dust or dirt that accumulates on the window. First, it's important to keep the window clean on a regular basis. Like the rest of your car, regular cleaning (preferably once a week if it's a daily driver) will keep all the surfaces of your car in excellent condition. When cleaning the plastic window, use Uber Glass Towel to clean the surface for a scratch-free finish. Some cotton towels can scratch the plastic surface. Over time, all the scratches will distort the view. Uber Microfiber towels do not scratch the surface because of the way they are made. They are extremely soft yet very durable and can grab a lot of grime.

Keeping the Window Clear

Like the paint on your car, the plastic window on your convertible top oxidizes and can become brittle and crack over time if not maintained properly. Besides cleaning the window with a glass cleaner like suggested above, it's important to keep the window flexible and conditioned so it does become damaged.

In order to do this, we are going to polish the plastic window with Paint Polish. Yes, the same Paint Polish used to polish your car's paint finish. Here's a fun fact: your car's paint is polyurethane which is a plastic. Paint Polish looks at your car's paint and your convertible's window in the same way.

Before we proceed, your car should be out of direct sunlight and the surface of the plastic window should be cool to the touch - not hot!

Next, using a microfiber towel, pour a small amount of Paint Polish (about the size of a quarter) on to the microfiber towel and rub into the surface of the window. Gently rub the polish on the surface until the polish nearly disappears. Buff off with a clean side of the cloth.

By performing these simple procedures, you can ensure your window will always look its best, provide a safe view and save you dollars down the road.

Article from 1Z Einszett USA

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