by Phil Yiu October 07, 2018

We went thru are few set ups with the BBS CI-R's, as many of you know the RS3 has a reversed staggered set up, so we decided to run the BBS CI-R's in 19x9 front and 19x8.5 rear with the stock Pirellis Pzeros in 255 30 19 front and 235 30 19's in the rear.
Size: 19 x 9
Wt (lbs): 25.3
HW Kit: 09.30.072
ET: 42
Price: $615.00 each
Size: 19 x 8.5
Wt (lbs): 24.7
HW Kit: 09.30.072
ET: 45
Price: $610.00 each
Not really happy with the set up we decided to go with a square set up running 19x9's all around.  Getting a bit more aggressive.  As well not really a fan of the stock Pirellis we decided to go with the Michelin PS4's in 255 30 19's.
The Pirellis seem to make noise at speeds over 70 mph as well just not a stable set up, moving over to the PS4's seem to give us more of a contact patch and gave the car a bit better handling.
Loving this set up now.

The Pirelli's were much more stretched over the Michelin's

Running the square set up we had to remove the rear fender protectors as they would rub a bit.
Phil Yiu
Phil Yiu