Project Car: 2018 Audi RS3 - installing the Bilstein B16 Coilovers (Non Mag Ride)

My first mod on just about all my cars typically is the drop.  I love tightening up the look and feel of the car.  I specifically ordered a car with Dynamic Plus package in order to ensure I would be able to get a set of coilovers on this car, I've done springs and HAS Kits (height adjustable springs) and have never had any luck on them, too much bounce and limited on adjustments.  Bilstein was the first company to present the Audi RS3 with a set of coilovers, I had run Bilsteins on my 2003 RS6 as well as my 2010 S4 and was happy with both.   


  • Quick and easy damping level adjustment
  • Threaded body allows lowering of approximately 30mm to 50mm
  • Robust lightweight design with spring seats and lock rings made from special aluminum alloy
  • Triple-C-Technology® surface coating for long lasting corrosion and resistance
  • Robust round thread for easy adjustability
  • Quality sport springs made from highly durable materials
  • BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology
  • BILSTEIN upside-down monotube technology available on select applications
  • German TÜV certification

The angle of the shots make the car look super high but it was 3 fingers high

the set up

stock ride height measured in cm's (all four corners were 62cm's square)

On the lift

- - - Updated - - -

Rear installed 

Front installed

After the drop we went down to 58.5 cm (all 4 corners)

- - - Updated - - -