This was a great job for us, a complete detail with 3M PPF install. The subject was a BMW M3 that my customer just picked up, he wanted to get it cleaned up and protected from the elements, as well requested that we install 3M PPF on the Front Bumper and Side Skirts. The car was not in bad shape at all the light scratches and swirls were not even noticed until we hit it up with a ton of different lighting. So minor we could not pick them up in pictures but they were there and it required 2 steps to pull them out. The metallic paint hid them extremely well. Mission: to max out the shine via Menzerna SIP and PO85RD, give it some nice glow and shine with Swissvax Divine and make sure the car is prepped correctly for the 3M PPF install. Products used: Exterior: Lusso AutoBathe Uber Yellow Wash Sponge Swissvax Yellow Clay Bar and Optimum Instant Detail Spray and Gloss Enhancer Einszett Spray Wax Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Menzerna PO85RD Swissvax Divine Wheels and tires: Einszett Wheel Cleaner Swissvax Wheel Brush Uber Wheel Brush Uber Spoke Brush Swissvax Pneu Swissvax Autobahn Interior: Einszett Deep Cleaner Einszett Cockpit Leather Master Strong Cleaner Leather Master Vital Conditioner Adam's Glass Cleaner Tools: Infratech 5300 Flex 3403 The Uber Foam Pads (5.5inch) Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels Uber Drying Towels Brushes Cam Spray and Cam Spray Foam Canon So let's start with the interior, we did the typical once over, wipe down with Einszett Cockpit and treated the Leather with Leather Master Trio Working on the interior Dirty car Tommy spraying down the wheels P21S Gel on the wheels Close up of the gel in action Tommy going at it on the wheels Wheels all cleaned up Car was washed and ready for claying Clay bar Claying the car down to prep for the 2 step polish with Menzerna SIP and PO85RD Phil polishing the car with the Uber Yellow Foam Pad and SIP Dan finishing up the car with PO85RD Dust from polishing we will have to rinse the car Rinse down Beading shots of Swissvax Divine Engine cleaned up Final shots of the car prior to 3M PPF Not much sunlight Prepping for 3M PPF on the Front Bumper and the Side Skirts Tommy gets to work on the side skirts first Dan giving Tommy a hand.... Tacking it down Installed ready for trimming and final tack down Tommy pulled the grill and side markers off Tommy with the 50/50 wipe down to make sure everything is clean and ready to go Bumper being fitted with 3M PPF Coming together Final shot of the PPF on the Bumper Final touches Autobahn on the wheels /Pneu on the tires Final Shots of the complete job Ready for pick up