I think I'm going to let the photos do the job on this write up. In short, countless bad details by Professional Detailers. Products Used: Exterior: Einszett Blitz in the Cam Spray Foam Canon Adam's Clay Bar and Optimum Instant Detail Spray and Gloss Enhancer for clay lube Menzerna Super Intensive with the Uber Green Pad and Uber Yellow Pad Menzerna PO85RD with the Uber Blue Pad Menzerna Top Inspection Collinite Insulator Wax Swissvax Divine Einszett Spray Wax Wheels and Tires Uber Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well Kit Tools: Infratech 5300 Fenix TK11 3M Sun Gun Brinkmann MaxFire Metabo PE12-175 Flex 3403 Makita 9227 Hi Speed Rotary The Uber Foam Pads (5.5inch) Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels Uber Drying Towels Cam Spray 1500A with Cam Spray Foam Gun Okay so let's start with some before pictures of this 2006 VW GTI Closer Pre soak and Wash with Einszett Blitz Rinse Clay Bar Before After Paint all cleaned up. Driver's side rear under various lights After Menzerna SIP and Uber Yellow Pad and the Flex 3403 Under the Fenix After PO85RD Cleaning up the hood 50/50 of the hood After Removing broken down polish After shots Outside in the rain for pickup.