Okay so this is the new daily for DD. An 08 R32. Some small mods on it to make it my own. A little drop with H&R Sport Springs A NAV/IPOD/BT headunit And some wheels BBS CH's Did all the work at a buddy's shop and at our location. Before drop After drop The head unit The install pics Factory head unit New unit Ipod cable Now onto the detail: Products Used: Exterior: Adam's All Purpose Cleaner in the Cam Spray Foam Canon Adam's Clay Bar and Optimum Instant Detail Spray and Gloss Enhancer for clay lube Menzerna Power Gloss Compound Menzerna Super Intensive with the Uber Orange Pad Menzerna PO85RD with the Uber Blue Pad Menzerna Top Inspection Lusso Oro Einszett Spray Wax Interior and Glass (not shown) Uber Interior Kit Tires,Wheels, and Engine: Uber Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well Kit Tools: Infratech 5300 Brinkmann MaxFire Metabo PE12-175 Makita 9227 Hi Speed Rotary The Uber Foam Pads (5.5inch) Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels Uber Drying Towels Cam Spray 1500A with Cam Spray Foam Gun 3m Sun Gun Before shots: Wheels P21S in action Brushes Presoak prep I know I know washing in the sun a big no no, but had no other choice that day Clay Measuring paint Masking and testing area for plan of action All the product and tools used Sorry only after shots was rushing to get this to a car show (Waterfest) Dealer logo removed Polishing out the tail lights Polished After shots And now the wheels and tires The final set up At Waterfest in the BBS Booth. Last shot Enjoy