Here is a black 993 Turbo, race ready, 525 hp at the fly wheel!!! This is my customer's dedicated track car, he races in the PCA events around North America. This thing is loud! Its been raced for about 4 years without a detail just wash and waxed, so basically we were brought in to turn this monster around! The detail was done at The Ultimate Garage in Emerson, NJ, the customer is currently renting a spot for his beast there, let me tell you that this was one of the best environments I have ever worked in, great lighting, great ventalation. I wish I can have a garage like this.. Here is what was done full exterior detail: Wash, clay, wash, wheels cleaned and lips polished, Menzerna SIP with yellow E2k pads at about 1500rpms (Metabo) Menzerna 106ff with green E2k pad, Swissvax Cleaner fluid, finishing off with Swissvax Concorso..... Total time 8 hours (2 in the crew) Take a look: Wheels: Before:
After P21S: Left side polished with Adam's Metal Polish/right side not done yet: Before polish: After polish: Final wheel/tire pic: Hood before: Hood after:
Before wash: After wash: After inside: After outside: Cool shots: