P21S Polishing Soap

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P21S Polishing Soap

Ever wonder why most of the world's finest metal polishes come from Germany? It's because Germans don't like dull stuff and dirty stuff. They like metal, from polished wheels to cutlery to be bright, shiny and clean. Given this penchant, it's no wonder that Germany, again, has advanced the state-of-the-art in metal polishing technology. It's called a Polishing Soap and P21S has just introduced it in America.

Originally developed for European silversmiths, the wizards at P21S adapted the technology to clean and polish larger metal surfaces. P21S Polishing Soap is a solid, clay-based polish that applies with its own sponge. Simply wet the sponge with water, draw it across the Polishing Soap, squeeze the sponge to create a lather and begin polishing. When you're finished, rinse (a garden hose works great) and watch the tarnish, rust and spotting disappear! That's it! This new product makes metal polishing EASY and FAST! No more "two finger" polishing with toothpaste-type polishes and no more smelly black polishing rags.

It really is that simple! Wet the applicator sponge with water, draw it across the P21S Polishing Soap, squeeze to create a lather, lightly polish the wheel and rinse!

Use P21S Polishing Soap on polished billet and chrome wheels, chrome bumpers and grills, exhaust tips, gas tanks, running boards and diamond plate.

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