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Nanolex Microfiber Wash 750ml

Nanolex Microfiber Wash is a microfiber wash and revitalizer, specifically designed for microfiber towels and other accessories. High quality microfiber tools such as polishing pads, drying towels, wash mitts and applicator pads must be properly washed in order to protect their microfiber structure and functionality.

  • Revitalizes while also rigorously cleaning microfiber
  • No artificial fragrances or fabric softeners, which can cause streaking
  • Damage-free wash allowing your microfiber to last even longer
  • Wash microfiber pads drying towels, microfiber wash mitts, glass towels, etc.

The special microfiber wash and revitalizer formulation - which is free from artificial fragrances and brighteners - ensures a rigorous, residue-free, yet mild and damage-free wash. This results in longer-lasting microfiber tools with intact capillary structures and unconfined dirt removal capability, not affected by detergent residuals.

Amphoteric surfactants with outstanding cleaning properties prevent streaking and smearing when the microfiber tools are used. During washing waxes, polymers and polishing residuals are completely removed. This specially-designed detergent is also highly suitable for an optimal, residue-free cleaning of polishing pads.

Nanolex Microfiber Wash was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

We recommend to use 50ml Nanolex Microfiber Wash for up to 10kg of microfiber products.

Customer Reviews

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Ted Dannemiller
Great stuff for every cloth that comes in contact with your car.

Easy to use, and doesn’t require but a capful for a load of MF. I’ve also used this on clothing that I wear at the track. It seems to remove track residue better than detergent, and using a long cycle and the right temperature seems to mKe the clothes breath better and feel more supple. As for the MF, they finish looking nearly brand new, and much softer than those I previously washed I. Detergent!

R Londono
Make those microfiber rags last

A good microfiber towel is worth looking after because they can get expensive if you throw them away after a couple of uses. This was the answer, not Tide. How I live and learn, thanks Phil!

Saif A.
it works well

it works well