Detailing Day from Dec 2007

by Phil Yiu August 29, 2009

Some pictures from the detail day: Sorry not that many pics...if it wasn't for Eugene (a customer) we would probably not have anything. Thanks! We started at 6am and finished at 4pm 5 in the crew and we were hustling to say the least. I had pretty much the same crew the first time we did something like this and I trained basically all of the guys with me or they have detailed with me before and know the products I use. It went so smooth we are having another one on Dec 2nd...10 cars have signed up we will try for 12. For the most part it went smoothly because most wanted a wash/clay/fmj. First car of the day Jed's A4 wash/clay/FMJ and clear film on the lights and fogs after shot of the car and the clear film. Next car Eugene from X5 world Alpine White 4.4 Engine, Wash/Clay/Paint Correction/FMJ Ed's E46 all done wash/clay/sealant/ Raggtop treament /full interior L's X5 wash/clay/sealant full interior Brian's brand new X5 4.8 wash/clay/FMJ Julian's A4 wash/paint correction/FMJ Kumar's M3 wash/clay/FMJ Nicholas A4 wash/clay/FMJ Gabe's M3 -wash/clay/paint correction/P21S new wax
A few great shots of the crew... Joe masking the X Joe and I working the paint correction on Eugene's car Gabe and Derek washing L's X. Nelson from Clear Image getting Jed's A4 for departure.
Phil Yiu
Phil Yiu