40th Anniversary Lamborghini Murcielago

by Phil Yiu August 23, 2009

The paint on this car overall was not too bad however the hood was pretty swirled up. It was hard to get pictures of the imperfections.
Wash: Adam's Car wash with Shmitt Wash Mitt Swissvax Paint Rubber was used to clay the car (clay lube was Adam's Detail Spray) Wheels and Tires: P21S Wheel Cleaner for the wheels P21S Autowash for the tires and wheel wells Adam's Detail Spray for a final wipe down Tires dressed with Adam's VRT Engine: P21S Auto wash agitated with a Boar's Hair Brush, sprayed down, dressed with Adam's In and out, excess dressing wiped down Interior: Interior was cleaned up with Einszett Cockpit and Einszett Leather Care Vacuumed Windows: Adams' Glass Cleaner Paint correction: Menznera SIP with the Metabo with a green edge pad at 1500 rpm. Followed by Menzerna 106 with a Blue Pad at 1500 rpm. Checking paint correction with Menzerna Top Inspection and the Brinkmann Xenon Light and 3M Sun Gun. Final steps: Swissvax Cleaner Fluid followed by a nice coat of Swissvax Concorso for a deep glossy wet finish. Before pics: Washing down the car: Wheels before: Wheels after:
Interior cleaning: Before: During: After: Engine before: After: Paint imperfection was very very hard to detect order any of the lights: 3m Sun Gun, Brinkman, Halogen, and Sun Light but it was there. Here is the best shot of the imperfections but it was all over the hood: Masked up for SIP and 85rd After SIP and 85rd Swissvax Concorso: Final touches: After shots:
Phil Yiu
Phil Yiu