Sonax Plastic Restorer Gel

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Sonax Plastic Restorer Gel contains Microscopic Nano particles that penetrate deeply into grained and structured surfaces, thereby providing long-lasting protection and long-term conservation. The transparent gel is suitable for all colors; revitalizing bumpers, trim and exterior components, giving them a deep, rich shine. Also ideal for tires and rubber components.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
george irving
It’s has been a wonderful experience so far

The product works amazing it’s holds up to its value and is a durable product with great depth and longevity.

Kenneth B.
Sonax plastic Restorer

Used once so far and it goes on easy and wipes off easy. I have not really had a chance to do a true evaluation yet but initial impressions are good

Way to sticky of a product

I have a lot of Sonax products and love them all, I thought this one would be the same, Not so much. I applied as the directions say on the package and this product is glue like sticky and everything sticks to it. I did wipe it with a microfiber cloth like it states and I could make the plastic change color from pure black to a weird off black kinda like when you move fibers on some couches to make the fibers stand up or lay down with the different way I wiped it with the cloth. This was applied on a brand new car and the surface was cleaned with OPT APC prior to application. I cannot recommend this product sadly to say..

Good, but not great

I ordered this based on my previous great luck with Sonax products (including FE, NPS, and BSD). The product is good it applies easily and evenly and uses very little product so the bottle will last quite a bit. The negative it doesn't last like I expected, rain definitely affects it greatly. I have mainly applied to my gf's cowl that is extremely faded and initially it looks great but doesn't last more than two weeks.