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Oberk Tire Cleaner


Oberk Tire cleaner is the evolution of tire and rubber cleaners, where in a traditional setting with a hose and water to rinse and flush clean, but can also be used when waterless washing. Simply spray Oberk Tire Cleaner on the tire let dwell and scrub if needed. From there, wipe away with a towel for a clean oem looking tire.

  • OEM New Tire Look -  Deep and natural New Tire Look
  • pH safe safe on all most wheels and surfaces (PH 7.5-8)- keep away or test on raw aluminum to make avoid damage - most will not stain
  • Foaming lubricating cleaner - foaming characteristic help lift dirt and other contaminants from the surface before agitation
  • Clinging formulation attaches to the surface and dwells longer on vertical surfaces improving cleaning ability.
  • Safe on Wheels, Tires, Wheel Wells, and Engine Bays 100% safe to use on a vehicle painted surface. Do not apply on hot surface or direct sunlight. 

With a thicker viscosity like our 2 in 1 wheel cleaner, Oberk Tire Cleaner clings to the vertical surfaces of the tire while lifting and breaking down every day contaminants picked up from the road as well your vehicles braking system. 

Oberk Tire tire and rubber cleaner is safe for use on Engine Bays, Wheel Wells, Wheels, plastics and more.

Oberk Tire cleaner is aslo safe for cleaning wheels as a non acid wheel cleaner!

Product Note: The 128 oz. gallon product does not come with an individual spray bottle.



We recommend the vehicle being in the shade and the paint cool to touch. Applying to hot paint or direct sunlight can cause drying, water spots and short work time. 

NOTE - Do not spray or leave on raw aluminum for long period and always make sure the surface is wet before applying product. If concerned, always try a test spot.

PH 9-9.5

Oberk Tire Cleaner is perfect for white walls as well as removing the nasty browning tires can achieve over time.

  1. Spray Oberk Tire cleaner on a DRY tire surface and let dwell for best results.
  2. Scrub tire with Wheel brush of your choice.
  3. Rinse clean or wipe clean with towel for OEM, new deep finish
  4. Use in Combination with 2 in 1 Wheel cleaner for full wheel and tire cleaning, and follow up with the Oberk Wheel Mother Sucker to dry wheel when done

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