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Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400


Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400 the very latest outstanding compounding polish from Menzerna.

Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400 contains even more ultra fine abrasive so can now remove sanding marks up to 1200 grit whilst at the same time producing exceptional levels of gloss. We have found this to be a truly exceptional product when used by either Dual Action or Rotary polisher, quickly removing swirls and scratches even on tough paints leaving a truly exceptional level of gloss for such a correction compound.

Like all products from Fast Gloss Menzerna is free of silicone and fillers so therefore results are permanent.


- More abrasiveness: Elimination of sanding marks of grit 1200 ultra fast
- High gloss: Within one-step process creation of impeccable high gloss
- One-step polish: Saving time due to one-step process with high abrasiveness and high gloss
- All-purpose: Suitable for all types of clear coats


Subject: 2011 BMW M3 Competition Package - Jet Black 

Before - pretty beat up after some bad weather and bad car washes.

After the prep - wash/decon/clay 

After the wipe down we found a few more rids, we took care of them with few passes of FG 400 and we got to a last step ready.

Repeat the above and this was what we got. Some great results with just about zero dust.

Here are some split shots of Fast Gloss 400 in action


Completed in about 15-20 minutes with the Griot's/Uber Cutting Microfiber Pad/Menzerna FG 400

Results - WOW - In the sun (we spotted no holograms)

Customer Reviews

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Stan Pohlit II
Best compound ever!

This is easily the best compound I’ve used! I’ve used others from Adams, Jescar, Meguiars, etc and this is King! Quick cut without getting hot fast, low dust and a ridiculously clean finish like it would be a finishing polish! I used with yellow wool pad from Rupes on a Rupes 15mm Mark II. Followed up in some spots with Rupes yellow foam and M800 finishing polish. Yeah I was able to one step with this compound!

Miguel M.
best compound ive used yet

its a great compound for heavy scratches and finishes down to a beautiful shine, love this product

Aquil S.
impressed !!

im a 3m perfect it guy ,when i told every guy that details i was going to try out menzerna they i was going to be happy & i am i ready to purchase there polish ,i love the fact menzerna compound doesn't stain the paint ,its looks great after i wipe it with ipa,looks like i could go straight to was after compound correction ,i will be looking out for menzerna products

I'm in the middle of paint correction...

...and I stopped what I was doing to come write this review. I recently acquired a dream car for me, a 2003 midnight blue 911 turbo. The car was perfect except the previous owner never detailed it and the paint was awful, swirls and RIDS everywhere. It looked truly awful. Being a lifelong Menzerna user (SIP, IP, Nano Polish) I wanted to stick with them, and read that FG400 was the latest and greatest. Honestly, I did not believe that it would be able to 1-step correct but I am eating my words right now, literally, as I am in the middle of the job. Using spotlights and sun light, the swirls and RIDS are gone and there is ZERO buffer marks or holograms. Even with SIP I would get holograms on my dark colored cars. I can't believe it! I am going to finish the car with FG400 and go straight to sealant and wax. I would give it 6 stars if I could. I am not even using a high power machine, just a little old PC 7424 (the original) with a 5.5" uber orange pad. Speed 1 to spread, Speed 6, 2 minutes or 6 passes with 5 lbs of pressure backing off to machine pressure and increasing pass speed to burnish to a gloss, and my word does it do the job.

Worked Perfectly

Used to remove moderate swirling on my C7 when IP 2000 wasn't enough. Paired with a 5" Megs MF Cutting Pad on a PC, it worked beautifully. Couldn't be happier with the results. Some dusting but not too bad. Thanks for the recommendation, Phil. Great product, highly recommend for harder clearcoats.