Meguiars M100 Mirror Glaze Pro Speed Compound

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Meguiar's M100 Mirror Glaze Pro Speed Compound

32 oz.

Product number: M10032 | SKU: 70382008581

Removes deep scratches, acid rain or severe swirls/holograms.

Fast cutting compound with advanced technology
Quick removal of 1200 grit and finer sanding marks for easier polishing
Works great on fresh & cured paints

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
R Londono
Meguiars makes it look better

Use this first, then the Ultra Finishing glaze by Meguiars and you will be amazed. However, when using the compound, work a section at a time because it’s a bear to remove if it dries.

Jonathan V.
Meguiars knocks it out of the park. Again.

Cuts 2000 grit within seconds. This blue compound works just as well as M101 and produces less dust. It finishes down very nicely. I've noticed some excessive hologramming on softer paints, but these are removed just as easily as they're produced. At $25, stop reading paid reviews off and order a bottle from DD.