Gilmour Brass Connector Shut Off Valve

$ 5.99

Gilmour Brass Connector Shut Off Valve

The Gilmour Brass Connector Shut Off Valve can be used to connect two standard hoses, or as a quick on-off switch to your hose. The swivel connector gives you maximum maneuverability with the hose by allowing the hose to turn where it connects to the spigot. This valve can also be used as an inline shut-off valve. A quick turn of the valve shuts off the water flow so you can turn the water on and off as needed for jobs that don't require constant water flow. Constructed from brass, the shut off valve can withstand hot water and high water pressure.

  • Single shut-off valve controls water flow 
  • Heavy-duty brass construction 
  • Extra large handles for easy grip and turn 
  • Easy-on swivel connector prevents hose kinks by allowing hose to turn 
  • Withstands hot water temperatures

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