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FicTech Sprint Quick Detail Spray


FicTech SPRINT Quick Detail Spray and Wax


Quick detailer, carnauba wax

SPRINT, Quick Detail Spray and Wax , is a product of a rare versatility. In addition to its heady scent, this product will allow you to treat almost arm workstations on a vehicle.

  • Cleans, protects and shines!
  • Washing product without water waxing for shining bodywork.
  • Leaves a deep shine and slickness on your vehicle surfaces
  • Works on glass, paint, chrome, and plastics

In pure use, ready to use, it will be perfect for the dust removal of a vehicle, or even for the water-free cleaning of a slightly dirty base. The result left by SPRINT will be very bright because of the base composed of carnauba wax.

Surfaces treated with SPRINT will have a pleasant soft touch. The protection left thanks to carnauba will allow a hydrophobic side very used to facilitate your future washes.

SPRINT, Quick Detail Spray and Wax, can be used without risk on the bodywork, on the rims, on the windows, raw plastics and varnishes, chromes etc..

In 1:1 dilution (50% water product) you can even use SPRINT in lubricant clay to help you with the decontaminate.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kevin Broughton
An amazing after wash spray!!!

SPRINT is a must have for your detailing Arsenal, is that great spray to go to after you finish washing your car to lock in that shine!!! The best thing is it goes on very smoothly, you need just a little and wipes right on and there’s no haze after!

Aldrin Nangoi
Glass look

Very happy with my purchase and I would recommended

miguel pagan
Fictech sprint

Just used Fictech sprint detail wax easy spray on good shine .

911 Greg

Holy smokes this is a great product. I haven't seen a product work this well. I also received it in a mystery box and came back to stock up so I'm never without it. My car is sealed with Adams paint sealant and this on top leaves it blindly shiny and clear. They need to sell this in gallons so I can always have it. compared to the Adams spray, I would say this product is far superior. The small is the only thing that I don't like. It's smells like bad cologne but after you see the shine you won't care.

wonderful product and a GREAT odor

it almost smells like cologne, and it is super effective. really brings out the shine in the paint work. very good detail spray