FicTech Silk 5 Liter


Multi-function dressing

Cleans & Protects

Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, Leather,

Satin finish

Silicone free

SILK is a hydrophobic water-based dressing that does not contain Solvent and Silicone.

SILK cleans plastic surfaces, vinyls, rubbers, and leaves a UV protection, Hydrophobic and anti-fouling.

SILK is also an excellent product for leather. It prevents cracking of the leather and prevents stains from entering the surface.

It leaves a satin finish on rubber, plastic and leather.


SHAKE: the bottle before use.

APPLY: a thin layer directly on the surfaces.

ACTIVATE: cleaning with an applicator pad or microfiber.

FINISH: the application with a microfiber slightly impregnated with product without exerting pressure to obtain a better appearance.