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FicTech Grip Insect Remover


FicTech Grip Insect is a bug, tar, and resin remover that can be used on all exterior surfaces! Grip will loosen and remove insects (mosquitoes and midges) effortlessly as it elminates resin or glue stains. Used on painted surfaces, chrome-work, wheel rims, and glazed surfaces.

  • Bug, tar and resin remover for all exterior surfaces
  • Won't strip your vehicles coatings, sealants, or waxes
  • Acid-Free making it completely safe on paint

Cleansing against the mosquitoes and slight traces of sap, Grip will unleash on the front faces of your vehicle, which tends to be most unpleasant and very complicated rufaces to recover.

With Grip, you will find a very fast and effective solution against dried insects on coachwork, glass or raw plastic surfaces.

FicTech Grip's bug tar and resin remover is safe on  coatings because of its acid-free properties.
If your surface is riddled with insects, do not hesitate to do a large high pressure rinse beforehand in order ro then apply Grip on the surfaces by letting it act. 



Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Lott
Great spray, weak spray bottle

This stuff works wonders, I live in the country in MO and spring and summer the cars just get plastered with bugs. I foam wash and rinse the car to get the loose and big bits off then spray this on. Use a separate bucket of soapy water with a dedicated wash mitt and the bugs come right off with minimal effort. I love this stuff!!

The only downside is the bottle design. I have Fictech's clay lubricant they use the same bottle, both products leak heavily from the action. It doesn't leak from the screw on attachment, but from the nozzle unit. At first I thought it had just gotten damaged in shipping but when I got the clay lube in the same bottle and did the same thing I figure it's just something in the bottle. Leaks out almost as much product as you spray. I ended up getting a cheap spray bottle from Walgreen's to pour it into for now.