Adam's Quick Sealant

Adam’s Quick Sealant is an amazing break through in polymer technology, Adam's Quick Sealant is the first product of its kind! Utilizing cross linking polymers this spray on paint sealant is 100% optically clear, giving you a hard, durable shine, without any staining on adjacent trim. Adam's Quick Sealant is so perfectly clear it can actually be used to protect textured trim and matte finishes other sealants or waxes would easily discolor. Adam's Quick Sealant can be used to protect all exterior vehicle surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, aluminum and vinyl, we really love it for wheels too! 

Included in your Adam’s Quick Sealant kit is a high capacity 10oz can of our amazing spray on sealant product and to reduce finger fatigue while spraying we’ve included the Can Gun. Simply spray a small amount of Quick Sealant directly onto the included Hex Grip Applicator and spread over the surface to be protected. For hard to reach areas or complex surfaces spray Quick Sealant directly onto the surface, then level with an applicator. The formulation of Quick Sealant allows it to ‘self-level’ but for heavier applications or streaks buff away any residues with the included premium microfiber towel. 

Quick Sealant is a powerful and highly concentrated formula, we recommend it only be used in a well ventilated area and respiratory protection should be used if you are sensitive to inhalants or have a respiratory illness.  

NOTE: Due to FAA regulations Adam's Quick Sealant cannot be shipped via air.

  • 100% Optically Clear! No residues or staining on any surface.
  • Applies quick and easy for fast protection of paint, glass, & wheels
  • Excellent shine and long lasting durability for months of protection
  • Made in 
Adam's Quick Sealant has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 7 reviews.

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