Adam's Orange Foam Cutting Pad 7 inch - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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The Adam's Foam Cutting Pad acts like a fine compounding pad under pressure, yet it's as gentle as can be when allowed to glide over your paint finish. The dual nature of the Adam's Orange Foam Cutting Pad allows you to work the polish hard to remove the swirls, then back off the pressure to bring the finish back up to full gloss. 

Adam's Orange Foam Cutting Pad is color coordinated to Adam's Paint Correcting Polish. This dynamite combo will cut through heavy swirls and paint imperfections and is the first step in our 2-step paint correction and polishing system.  

The entire line of Adam's 4th Generation Pads with their wave pattern faces were designed for use with orbital, dual action, and even rotary buffers! 

  • Adam's 4th Generation Foam Pad System
  • Compatible with Orbital, Dual Action, and Rotary Tools
  • Color Matched to Adam's Paint Correcting Polish
  • Remove Deep Swirls, Haze, Light Scratches & More! 
  • Made in 

Storage - Do not store in a sealed plastic bag.  Some pad staining is normal and pads are perfectly safe to use on your next detail job.

Cleaning Tips

- Spray Adams Foam Polishing Pad liberally with Adams All Purpose Cleaner
- Gently scrub surface to loosen polish and wax residue
- Rinse clean with cool to lukewarm water until water runs clear
- Gently squeeze out excess water
- Allow to dry on plastic drying rack face down so water does not drain into the backing
- Store in a clean, dry place away from dirt, debris and extreme heat for future use

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