Adam's Clay Bar Gray Professional Grade

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Adam's Clay Bar Gray Professional Grade

The modern clear coat finish needs to stay clean to look good and remain healthy. The quick and easy secret is Adam's Detail Clay!

Adam's Detail Clay Bar is the fast, easy and safe way to remove bonded contamination from your car's clearcoat finish. Detailing clay cleans and smoothes automotive paint, glass and chrome without harsh abrasives. Plus, regular use of a detail clay bar is faster than abrasive polishing or chemical cleaners.

An Adam's Detailing Clay Bar is the right tool to use to remove paint overspray, factory fallout, brake dust, diesel soot, bonded bug remains, fine tree sap particles, insect droppings, and more. In fact, just about any fine particle (except concrete splatter) that bonds to your car's paint can be safely removed with Adams Detail Clay. With a simply spray of Adams Detail Spray (for lubrication) and light rubbing with the clay bar, your paint will emerge super slick and perfectly clean.

When you use Adam's Detail Clay before waxing, your favorite car wax will apply easier, buff off faster, and last longer. Plus, your car's paint will be unbelievably slick and glossy. When your car's clearcoat is completely clean -- the way only Adam's Detail Clay Bar can clean it -- you will see all of the vibrant color, depth and beauty of your car.

Each bar of Adam's Detail Clay will clean your car up to ten times (less on heavily contaminated surfaces).

PRO TIP: Wash your car thoroughly before use. Use Adam's Detail Spray to lubricate the surface. Work no more than a 2' by 2' area at a time. When your clay shows visible dirt, fold the clay over on itself and re-flatten to expose a clean surface.

PRO TIP: Use a one ounce piece of detail clay at a time. When the clay becomes heavily soiled, it is no longer safe to use on your paint, but may be used on your exterior glass to make it clean and smooth.

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