Adam's Americana Premium Paste Wax

$ 69.99

Adam's Americana Premium Paste Wax

Serious About Wanting To Create A Head-turning Shine? Here's How To Be The Envy Of Everyone Who Sees Your Car! Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back!

Let's face it; there are dozens of great paint protection products out there. But that's not what we're talking about here, is it?

What we're talking about here is pure emotion. Yours! Oh, yeah, and the others who will be drooling over your shine. It's that instant envy that happens when you've got it, and they don't! That's what we're talking about.

Adam's Americana is a premium paste wax made right here in the good old USA. Make no mistake, though, because this is no ordinary car wax. Adam's Americana is a secret blend that's guaranteed to snap the other guys head back like an original Shelby 427 Cobra. Yep, this is the right stuff!

Imagine... You Can Have A Head-turning Shine In 30 Minutes Or Less!

Adam's Americana goes on easy and wipes off like smooth, silky, satin. It's never an effort. And it never streaks. Guaranteed!

If you have 30 minutes, you can have a head-turning, neck-snapping shine. It's so easy, it's almost criminal!

As you apply Adam's Americana, your senses are awash with the fine aroma of tropical flavors. So, go ahead and day dream a little about your favorite summertime experience on the beach, at the lake, or where ever it takes you. When you get back, the shine on your car will have you smiling all over again.

You And Your Car Deserve Adam's Americana!

Adam's Americana is made in very limited quantities by an American working man, for the American working man! Quantities are limited because Adam's Americana is a hand-crafted product, and the quality is second to none. Guaranteed!

  • Adds Unbelievable Depth in Gloss and Paint Clarity
  • Super Easy to Use Paste Car Wax
  • America's Favorite Made in the USA Car Wax
  • Long Lasting Paint Protection
  • Made in 


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