1Z einszett Anti-Frost Washer Fluid Concentrate

Anti-Frost Washer Fluid Concentrate

33.8 fl oz (1 liter)

Anti-Frost is a concentrated windshield washer fluid with anti-freeze properties that excel in cleaning performance with a glare-free finish. Special formula protects against re-icing, quickly removes road grime, streaks, silicone, and other elements that can impair driving. Contains a pleasant citrus scent. Guaranteed not to damage paint, glass or rubber. Suitable for plastic headlight lenses. Developed for leading European automotive manufacturers so you can be sure you'll get exceptional results. Environmentally friendly formula is made from pure natural alcohol and is 100% biodegradable. Does not contain toxic methanol or ammonia found in common brands.

Mixing Ratios:
1.5 parts Anti-Frost + 1 part water
Makes 2.5 liters (2.6 Quarts / .7 Gal)
1 part Anti-Frost + 1 part water
 2 liters (2.1 Quarts / .5 Gal)
1 part Anti-Frost + 2 parts water
Makes 3 liters (3.2 Quarts / .8 Gal)
* Mixing ratios for California customers in "Type A Areas" including Del Norte, Shasta and Trinity Counties; the Great Basin Valley, Lake Tahoe, Mountain Counties, and Northeast Plateau Air Basins.
1Z einszett Anti-Frost Washer Fluid Concentrate has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

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