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nextzett Auto Glanz Shampoo - 33.8 oz (1 liter)

  • High quality cleaners means more effective cleaning of road grime
  • Boosts gloss for that just-waxed look
  • No spotting or streaks for easier drying
  • High foaming shampoo carries dirt away while cleaning
  • Super concentrated means a little does a lot

Auto Glanz Shampoo is a car wash shampoo based on high quality cleaners that make washing easier and prevent dulling of the paint finish. It's high concentration means you'll need to use less product for an effective wash. Produces a thick, rich lather so dirt is carried away and prevents micro scratches of the surface. Works excellent in foam guns. With skin protection additives, even your hands will benefit! It's phosphate-free and highly biodegradable so it's easier on the environment.

Instructions: For the basic cleaning of hard surfaces, pour about 1 fl oz of nextzett Auto Gloss Car Wash Shampoo into a bucket and top up to 2.5 gallons of water. For better mixing, briefly use a sharp water spray, or foam the product in the bucket. Then shampoo the surfaces to be cleaned using a wash mitt. When cleaning, make sure to always rinse the wash mitt in the bucket; otherwise dirt particles are trapped and micro-scratches will remain on the paintwork. For this reason, always remove coarse soiling using a sharp water spray. After shampooing, thoroughly rinse the surface with clear water and let it dry. This results in a streak-free shine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ben Haney
Good Soap

I liked this very much and I’d does a great job. But I liked the Green Lotus soap from Nextzett better. Still, a great soap to try out.

Philip M.
GREAT SOAP - Another winner!!

As others have posted - lots off suds, slickness is great. Used in a bucket, I would use in a foam gun if need be, etc. Nextzett is becoming the main staple of products I'm using. This coming from a Kenotek user (major fan of their detail spray and soap).
Recommend by Phil (DD) and glad he did!

My new go-to soap

awesome slickness and lots of suds. cleans very good as well.

Love it.

Ian Musgrove

I’m a big fan of Nextzett products, and their new soap is another favorite! It did a great job cleaning my car and it makes a lot of bubbly suds!
Another great product from Nextzett!

Superb in a foam cannon

I’m a soap junkie. Got more soap than I know what to do with. Yet am in constant search for the “soap”. Got this in a MB. Couldn’t be happier. Foam is amazing out of the pf22. Even with my low flow pressure washer still proudcued the best foam. Soap rinses off with nothing left behind. Thanks for caring nothing but quality products Mr Phil👍