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Nanolex PreWash Concentrate 750ml

Nanolex PreWash Concentrate is a very effective automotive extra strength shampoo, high-foaming, alkaline prewash. The carefully balanced mixture of surfactants, builders and solvents loosen up the grime and remove the more stubborn dirt such as insects, oils, grease and soot.

  • Pre-wash to remove more subborn dirt and grime
  • Great for insect, oilm grease and soot removal
  • Strips waxes, polishes and silicones to prep vehicle for fresh coating or sealant

Nanolex PreWash Concentrate is highly suitable for removal of wax, polish residue and silicones from the car’s exterior. The automotive extra strength shampoo prepares the vehicle for application of Nanolex Coatings. And while offering powerful cleaning ability, Nanolex PreWash Concentrate is safe for most modern materials including more sensitive ones like anodized aluminium.
Nanolex PreWash Concentrate was developed, tested and produced in Germany.
Dilution: 1:30 -1:10, apply using a pump sprayer or a foam lance.
Do not let the product dry on the car!

Nanolex PreWash Concentrate was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Lewis
Nanolex never fails

Wonderful product. Nanolex has consistent quality. Highly recommend

Wrap N Shine Auto Spa
Works exactly as described!

We use this to pre-treat extra dirty vehicles. From the Foam Cannon, 10-1 mix with water, spray on and watch dirt and contaminates fall off. Winter grime is much easier to deal with using this product. Use as directed and do not let dry on vehicle!

Brian R.

Appears to have a better cleaning affect then traditional car soap, very happy!