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FicTech Stop Rain Glass Sealant

FicTech STOP RAIN Glass Sealant

Rain repellent.

FicTech STOP RAIN is an automotive rain and snow glass sealant that significantly improves visibility! Rain, snow and sleet won't be a problem with this advanced technology!  It forms a chemical bond with the glass, and for 6 months protects the treated surfaces.

  • Drastically increase visibility on all glass surfaces
  • Stop Rain Glass Sealant lasts 6 months
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Don't need to use your windshield wipers, as moisture simply runs off!

Fast and durable hydrophobic protection for glass surfaces. The driver visibility is an essential element for  driving. In order to optimize this especially when it rains, Stop Rain should be used on your glass surfaces. Thus, once applied, Stop Rain will allow the creation of a hydrophobic film on your windows and facilitate the natural evacuation of water from 70km/h. 

You don’t have to use your windshield wipers anymore. Easy to apply, simply apply Stop Rain directly after cleaning your glazed surfaces, ideally with a light polishing of the surfaces for a better grip and a better durability of the layer laid. Stop Rain will also facilitate the sliding of your windshield wipers once the windows are treated.

P6 Protection.

Protection is given up to 6 months.

300 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy to Apply with Quick Results

Was very happy with the results of this glass sealant. The water just slides off after applying this product. The application of it was super easy and left no streak marks on the car.

Frederick Ricker
Great Product

I can't provide much feedback yet regarding the durability but I can say it's another easy to use product from Fictech. Very easy to apply and then buff to a clean shine. I'm not left chasing streaks or smudges like I am with other rain repellent products.