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FicTech Mirror Glass Cleaner



Window cleaner, anti-static properties. Automotive glass and window cleaner!

The perfect cleaning of glass surfaces is a major safety element. With Mirror, you will get transparency without any residual trace for perfect clarity. 
The advantage Mirror Glass Cleaner provides when applying is the light hydrophobic film that it will leave. This will result in promoting the flow of natural water in rainy weather.

  • Easy to apply and remove with NO streaking
  • Leaves hydrophobic film providing window protection
  • Use on glass, windows, chrome, interior and exterior surfaces
  • Safe on tint

Finally, Mirror's automotive glass and window cleaner has a very important anti-static effect because it will delay the deposition of minimal dirt on treated glass surfaces. 

A product to own in any glove box!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Salvatore Agati
Finally a good glass cleaner

I bought the FicTech Mirror glass cleaner to add to the other 8 cleaners I have been using and have not been happy with. I like that it isn't runny so you get good stick to the glass and it flashes quickly while cleaning and appears so far not to leave a streak of cloudy residue. I do use 2 good quality glass cloths to clean with so drying is really about buffing the glass clean.

Fast and effective

Makes cleaning glass a breeze with a single application, the smell and performance can't be beat.

Gabriel Fakhoury
Amazing stuff

I have or should SAY HAD waterspots on my windshield until I used this amazing stuff . Crystal clear windows after use

Robert Del Balzo
Fictech mirror

It did a great job left my windows crystal clear and stream free

Connor K.
The best glass cleaner to date

You will be pleasantly surprised to find it takes little to no effort to clean your windows to a streak free shine using Fictech Mirror. Definitely my new go to window product.