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FicTech Ceramic Bubble

Ceramic SIO2 Bodywork Shampoo.

Ceramic Bubble was created as a specific automotive shampoo for ceramic coatings (Carlift range)! It not only cleans, but enhances protection and is loaded with SiO2 (silicon dioxide).

  • Contains one of the largest SiO2 concentrations on the market
  • Perfect automotive shampoo for ceramic coatings
  • Works great on vehicles without a ceramic layer as well
  • Leaves a hydrophobic layer!
  • Contains great foaming ability with effective cleaning

Ceramic Bubble has been designed to offer a cleaning solution that is perfectly compatible with Carlift ceramic treatments (Carlift, Crystal, 9H/9H+).
The formulation of Ceramic Bubble uses silicon dioxide, and is the component of the ceramic treatments offered by our brand.

When cleaning your vehicle, you will be able to recharge the ceramic treatment layer on your surfaces, while also leaving a strong hydrophobic layer(water-repellent effect). This will make future washing much easier and prolong your durability!

Ceramic Bubble contains one of the largest SiO2 concentrations on the market; giving a real "boost" effect to your ceramic protection.
Ceramic Bubble can be used on a vehicle treated in natural or untreated surface as well!
Shampoo strongly recommended for the maintenance of all Carlift protections.


Customer Reviews

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Ben Haney
Ceramic Bubble

A fantastic shampoo that really adds protection to your vehicle. Used it to bring back fading hydrophobic behavior and it did very well. Also super slick when using. I bought a second bottle on my next order and I didn’t even need it. Haha