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Black Wow Plastic Trim Dressing - Detailer's Domain

Black Wow Plastic Trim Dressing

Black Wow Plastic Trim Dressing 4 oz Designed for any color exterior plastic trim. This gel will restore your trims natural color without use of dyes or colorants and provides...
$ 29.95
BlackWow Professional Trim Restorer - Detailer's Domain

Black Wow Professional Trim Restorer

BlackWow Pro wasn't just developed for detailers, it was invented, used, and refined by a respected detailer who is known for pushing the envelope in the industry. When BlackWow Classic...
$ 69.95
$ 80.00

Pre Wow (pre treatment for Black Wow)

Pre Wow - Pre Cleaner for Black Wow 6 oz If you're wondering what PW is, this is my latest addition to the Black Wow family. Pre-Wow was reformulated 6...
$ 14.95 Sold Out
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