Uber Yellow Poly Clay - 240 grams - 8 oz

$ 21.95

Uber Yellow Poly Clay - Fine Grade - Everyday Clay 240 gram (8 oz)

The Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bars - yes these are back the ones that we all loved from a few years back. 

The Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bars are a fine to medium grade clay bar designed to be used for regular maintenance.

The Uber Yellow Clay Bars will remove road grime, tar, tree sap, bumpy sediment, fallout, rail dust, over spray and other contaminations from your paint, glass, clear coat, gel coat, or other rough surfaces.

The Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bar is a fine to medium grade which is gentle enough that it will not mark or mar your paintwork, but strong enough to remove contaminants, leaving your paintwork feeling smooth as glass.

Use the Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bar and one of the detail sprays below to leave surfaces smooth and glossy ready for polishing or a coat of wax.

Comes in a pack of 3 = 240 grams.

  • Strong enough to remove harmful contaminants
  • Gentle enough  not mar paintwork
  • Ideal for regularly maintained vehicles
  • Can be used with water or your favourite quick detailer
  •  Use on paintwork, glass, and metal surfaces

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