Uber Foamer Cannon Pressure Washer Attachment

$ 69.95 $ 89.95

Uber Car Care Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Attachment (Foam Lance)

Cleaning tough dirt and grime has just been made easier with this foamer attachment.  The Uber Foam Cannon pressure washer attachment creates foam when chemicals or soaps are being used, which allows the cleaning solution to stick to the surface longer so the detergent will have more time to work on the film, dirt or grease. This attachment is also comes with a twist fast adapter that helps attach to your wand, and should be used with machines from 700 PSI to 2000 PSI.


  • Helps the foam stick to the surface longer for a deeper clean
  • Comes with a twist fast adapter
  • Should be used on machines from 700 to 2000 PSI
  • Disperses thick foam to up over 20 feet and at more than a 30 degree cleaning radius
  • Comes with a 1/4'' quick connect and a M22 fitting for easy attachment to just about any pressure washer
  • Spray pattern easily adjustable
  • Easily refillable 32 oz bottle

NOTE: This will work with the Kranzle pressure washers

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