Optimum Opti Bond Tire Gel Rubber Tire Dressing

$ 15.99

Optimum Opti Bond Tire Gel Rubber Tire Dressing

This water based tire dressing will outlast most dressings on the market. It can be applied numerous ways for a fantastic shine. It can be sprayed directly on the tire but will not mist all over, or leave a trail along the sides of the car like many thinner silicone dressings will. This gel penetrates the tire and leaves behind a deep dark finish. It dries quickly and evenly. It will not wash away after it rains or is run through a carwash. The shine will last for a couple of weeks regardless of weather! It?s safe for the tire and can constantly be applied with no worry of long term damage. Stop wasting tire dressing by spraying it all over and brushing it on and leaving puddles behind.

A little of the Optimum dressing goes a long way and will make your tires look like new.

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