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Uber Yellow Wash Sponge
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Uber Yellow Wash Sponge
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Uber Yellow Wash Sponge

The Uber Yellow Wash Sponge is soft and supple, making our wash easier and faster. Molded without paint-killing silicone, ensuring that your next wash causes no abrasions or swirls. The Uber Wash Sponge hold amazing amounts of water and soap bubbles for easily sliding dirt away from your paint. You can use our Sponge with Swissvax car bath/Adam's Car Wash/Einszett Perls and more.

In this photo: we use the Uber Yellow Wash Sponge on a rare Porsche 993 Turbo

Customer Reviews
Uber Performance
  What a great performing wash sponge! I've always used a Merino wool wash mitt for washing, but saw this and wanted to give it a try with a rinseless ONR wash. At first glance when I received this item you can't help but think if this sponge will be safe for the paint. But, after soaking the Uber Yellow Wash Sponge in the solution this sponge turned into the softest feeling material and made the wash experience unbelievable! Dirt particles seem to release easier from this sponge and after the rinseless wash the sponge still looks brand new in its bright color of yellow. Also it's color serves as a benefit while washing as it's easier to notice potential dangerous particles before you apply it to a surface. The quality of this wash media really shows through and just performs very well. Just another great item to have in your detail arsenal.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from Chicago, IL. on 3/21/2014
Great little sponge
  I bought this on a whim to give it a try and am really impressed. Really cleans the paint well when washing with not as much pressure needed as with my microfiber wash mit with the little 'fingers' all over it. Good for getting bugs and whatnot off the front of the car. Will definitely make this part of my regular hand wash setup, plus it's cheap.
  Reviewed by:  Matt from Chicago, IL. on 7/10/2013
Uber Sponge? Should be Super Sponge.
  The Uber Yellow Sponge is just the right size, good quality, and makes it very easy to wash the car without any worries of paint damage. They are long lasting, great for suds, get some today.
  Reviewed by:  Benjamin from Atlanta. on 12/21/2012
Uber Sponge
  I bought this because of the many great reviews...unfortunately, it isn't my favorite. I prefer a wash mit myself and find myself using this more for the wheels.
  Reviewed by:  Kurt from North Jersey. on 9/22/2012
Does what it says
  I haven't found these to be too spectacular on paint, however for my wheels they are amazing! They are perfect for cleaning inside the wheels and getting into those tight spots like above the brake caliper.
  Reviewed by:  Patrick A. from Duarte, CA. on 9/17/2012
Worth It
  I don't have too many things to compare it to but after using it I see no reason to buy the mit I was initially planning to buy. Great product, will be buying another one for when this one wears out although, don't think that will be happening anytime soon.
  Reviewed by:  Wesley Howard from charlotte, nc. on 7/24/2012
Easy to clean and use; gentle on paint too.
  Unlike synthetic wash mitts or even sheepskin mitts the Uber Sponge is incredibly easy to clean. The yellow color makes it easy to spot contaminants. Not to mention, it doesn't eat through soap or get oversaturated and heavy like a sheepskin mitt does. It just glides precisely over the paint surface.
  Reviewed by:  Chase from St. Paul, MN. on 7/15/2012
Get it
  This sponge is my preferred wash media. Great performer, and you can rest assure that you are not damaging your paint
  Reviewed by:  amercour from Chicago. on 6/19/2012
Great sponge, keepin it simple!
  Nothing fancy, just a great sponge that soaks up the suds and keeps scrubbing away at dirt without harming your finish. I have 2 now, and they don't get crudded up like cheap sponges.
  Reviewed by:  Jason from Martinsville, NJ. on 6/12/2012
  It's just okay. Personally I think it is too soft, and deforms too easily. After a single washing the sponge didn't spring back to its original form, so I'm using it to clean my wheels from now on. I'll stick to a grout sponge.
  Reviewed by:  Joseph Hamilton from Florida. on 1/24/2012
  Nice cheap car wash sponge, easy to hold on to as other guy said. I bought this and the Uber v2 wool mit, and i honestly think this is easier to wash with, the wool mit holds to much water hard to rinse the dirt out of.
  Reviewed by:  Tim Plastow from Utah. on 1/16/2012
My favorite sponge.
  I bought three of these several months ago. I am still on my first one. I love how soft it is. Produces a lot of suds. Really nice product. Highly recommended.
  Reviewed by:  Roman Kapralov from Chicago IL. on 12/6/2011
All you need
  Honestly all you need in a washing media. Super cost effective, soft, and soaks up soap tremendously. I would say significantly better than a grout sponge from a hardware store.
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Las Vegas. on 11/9/2011
  Love this sponge! Prefect size for my hand and easy to move around! Plus it is easier to see and remove things that can hurt your paint unlike some wash mitts.
  Reviewed by:  Alexis Baucom from Virginia. on 11/9/2011
  Really like these sponges. They hold tons of soap, and do a great job cleaning. Wouldn't think of using anything else besides these++
  Reviewed by:  Troy from WI. on 9/3/2011
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