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Uber Super Drying Microfiber Towel
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Uber Super Drying Microfiber Towel
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Uber Super Drying Microfiber Towels

Check out the New and Improved Uber Super Drying Microfiber Towel

Regarded as the one of the "BEST" drying towels by enthusiast and professionals from all over the world.  These measure in at 24x46!

The Uber Super Drying Towel is an ultra plush, super soft, super absorbent microfiber drying towel.  Its soaks water right up. 

We have found the best method of drying with these is to just pat dry the car reducing any chance of marring the paint.  Once the towel is damp it will pick up water quicker!

They do lint a bit so prior to use please shake them out and follow our care instructions below.

Now in a new color and gray stitching.  Some testers have said the new ones dry even better!

How to Care for Microfiber

Taking care of your microfiber products is pretty easy, there are just a few things that you should remember to keep your products effective and long lasting. You can wash and dry your microfiber products in your household washer and dryer, with warm water and low heat. To keep your microfiber "like new":

* Do not use Bleach
* Do not use Fabric Softener
* Do not wash with other cotton products.

Microfiber products do not like bleach, bleach breaks down the polyester and polyamide micro-filiments, rendering them less effective. Fabric softeners provide a layer of "softeness" on your clothing, which is nice for clothing that you wear, but this coating clogs the microfibers, rendering them less effective. It is not that microfiber products do not like cotton products or other fabrics, it is that when you wash your cotton products with microfiber the microfiber products grab and hold onto the lint that the cotton produces. So if you do not want your microfiber towels to lint then you should not wash them with cotton products. Some users of microfiber, automotive, janitorial, need a more effective way to remove dirt, grime, oils, and etc. from their microfiber towels, and Household detergents just don't do the job. Many users like to keep their microfibers in prestine condition, for this there is the original Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent.

Customer Reviews
Best Drying Towel
  This is the best drying towel I have had in a while. It is ultra absorbent and of larger size. Considering buying another
  Reviewed by:  Gabriel from Arizona. on 3/29/2015
Best towel - why did i wait?
  you will not be let down. One towel takes care of my new boxster in minutes. It is like cheating!
  Reviewed by:  Marc from Huntington Beach, CA. on 3/16/2015
Great Drying Towel
  Like many of you, I was looking for a better towel that would one, hold up to the demands of drying that would not induce new scratches to the paint; second, absorb well while not having to use two to three weave style drying towels. This towel does fit the bill. Especially on a larger vehicle, you can use just one towel by using each side while placing towel on the paint surface and matting the towel to the paint without dragging the towel on the paint. The towel has a good ability to draw all of the water without becoming over saturated and effecting it's ability to work well. In addition, the construction of the towel doesn't mark or scratch the surface. In terms of cleaning, it will not lint; however, be aware that there still may be some dye bleeding from the cloth. The towel cleans well with regular soap and warm water. Phil, you have a great product. I can only hope that more people will get the word out because the more people knew about it, more and more people will buy theses towels.
  Reviewed by:  Gil from California. on 3/14/2015
Best drying towel I have ever used!
  I had been wanting this towel since you released it but was hesitant to get it due to the price. I finally got it in my last order with a few other items i had been wanting for a while. I used it on my mustang mach 1 the other day and it did a great job i didn't have to use a second waffle weave like i usually do. Really great towel and left hardly any streaks at all so following up with a detail spray or spray wax/sealant and some quick detailing microfibers is really quick. Flat to the best drying towel I have used and I have a lot of them. Wish I only had two or three of these instead of all my others.
  Reviewed by:  Danny R. from El Paso, TX. on 1/13/2015
Uber Super Drying Microfiber Towel
  This is an amazing towel. It absorbs water like nothing else I have used. Takes a bit of getting used to because of its large size. Pricey but worth it.
  Reviewed by:  James from Rochester NY. on 8/3/2014
Super Microfiber Towel
  Best dam drying towel ever! Wished I had one of these years ago. Will be getting another one soon just to have.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Tn.. on 7/1/2014
Buy this item!
  This is the best drying towel I have ever used. It dried my car in two minutes and left ZERO streaks. It drinks water like a thirsty camel. Super soft. I used to use waffle weaves for drying but NEVER again. This is the shizzle! Throw away whatever towels you currently use for drying and BUY THIS TOWEL.
  Reviewed by:  Teddy from Carolinaa. on 5/16/2014
works very well
  I didn't have high expectations, but the towel works great. I used to wash my M3 with cotton towels and they tend to streak. It is very absorbent and you can pat dry.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Loudonville, NY. on 4/15/2014
  I bought 2 to try them out and use the padding method of drying. and I was HOOKED. A week later I bought 5 more to cover my entire car in one swoop! Great towel!!!
  Reviewed by:  Chris.T. from Miami Beach. on 3/15/2014
  Forget that its $30, its $5 more than Adam's Great White Towel, and literally blows that towel out of the water. I washed mine with Micro-Restore before use, and I purchased 2 in my last order. I washed my car completely, took off the Firehose nozzle and ran a gentle stream from the hose to knock a good amount of water off the car. Gave a spritz with Detail Spray, and pulled out ONE of these towels. I completed my whole X5 with ONE towel, first time ever I have only used one towel to dry, it just sucks up water like none other, doesn't streak, and is softer than a baby's blanket. WOW is all I have to say. I have the V1 (baby blue with borderless edges) but now that V2 is out I'm sure I'll be ordering 2 more, and saving my old MF drying towels for wheels, etc. Once you have the Uber Super Dryer, you won't go back, and your wife won't even be mad that you spent $30 on a drying towel when she sees how easily you dry her car with it! Thanks Phil for sourcing/making this wonderful towel!
  Reviewed by:  Jason Z from Bridgewater, NJ. on 2/20/2014
Great Drying Towel!
  These towels are huge, extremely soft - baby blanket soft, and will soak up water with zero effort. Buy 2 if you're going to dry a large vehicle, or if you don't have the opportunity to sheet rinse.
  Reviewed by:  Rich K from Colorado Springs. on 1/18/2014
Almost Too Good!
  I've been using drying microfiber towels for years... This one is MASSIVE... bigger than I was expecting. It's like a beach towel! When it's dry and you initially start using it on a wet car, it will almost stick to the car because it's so absorbent! As far as drying towels go - this is by far the best one I've used. Those with very large vehicles will only need one for the entire vehicle...
  Reviewed by:  Alexis James from MidWest. on 1/11/2014
One of the Best Purchases I've ever made!
  This is probably one of the best purchases I've ever made! When I first opened it, it was as soft as a baby's blanket! I did wash it before use as I do with any new microfiber towel. When I used this towel it took less then 5 minutes to dry the entire car. The only complaint I have of it is that since the size (24" by 46") makes it hard to wring out. A tip to give is to try and get as much water out as possible then throw it in the dryer on extra low for 30-40 mins and after that's done it should all be dried by the time it's over. I suggest keeping the bag that it came in to use it to store it in. Great towel, yes the $30 price tag seems a little but pricy but it's worth every penny!
  Reviewed by:  Jordan Lee from Vancouver B.C. on 12/22/2013
  Just as soft as my infants baby blanket. Works well and soaks up all the water. Only needed one towel to dry a mid sized sedan My only nit is that I have to fold the towel up when drying the side panels because I don't want the towel to touch the ground. Yes, it's large and great.
  Reviewed by:  Ken from California. on 10/8/2013
Must Have!!
  This may be my favorite thing I purchased from Phil and i spent over $800 recently great towel!! What else can I say.
  Reviewed by:  Seth from Queens NY. on 10/1/2013
  I like this a lot. It sucks in water like nothing I have ever seen.
  Reviewed by:  oludayo kehinde from Beaumont TX. on 9/26/2013
yup... the best.
  yeah, its a crazy expensive microfiber towel. its also the last drying towel youll ever need. get it.
  Reviewed by:  Alan Shum from Bay Area. on 9/15/2013
The Best Towel I have ever used
  Yes, I was skeptical, but I figured I would try this towel out. It is everything you state and more. I waited a few months as you were out of stock-worth the wait and worth every penny-this twel is great
  Reviewed by:  Joe Lapczenski from Victor, NY 14564. on 9/2/2013
Where was this towel all my life!!
  I regret not having this towel earlier. Makes the drying process much much faster and I can do my entire car without wringing the towel. And best of all I don't wipe the car I blot only so no scratching. Well worth the money.
  Reviewed by:  Z from DC Metro area. on 5/5/2013
PerfectDrying Towel
  I've used this towel a number of times now and it's done the job perfectly. It is great for "pat drying" the roof/hood/trunk because it's HUGE. The only problem I have is that I didn't order the 5-pack. That is a great deal!
  Reviewed by:  KPH from Murrysville, PA. on 4/26/2013
Excellent Quality
  I was skeptical at first if one towel could dry my whole car, but I was wrong. Easily dries my whole car in one shot, works excellent! Absolutely the worth the price
  Reviewed by:  Joe from NJ. on 4/17/2013
Good quality towel
  Very large and soft microfiber towel that soaks up water really well. I'm thinking about buying another one since this towel is just so awesome. Much better than a waffle weave microfiber.
  Reviewed by:  Brian from Jersey. on 4/11/2013
A Good Buy
  Big towel that is both soft and plush. Does a great job removing water.
  Reviewed by:  Paul Cooper from St. Louis, MO. on 4/7/2013
An Unreal towel!
  Figured I would try this towel because of all the good reviews. Well, I was speechless when I started using it. Nearly dried a Jeep Wrangler 4door with ONE TOWEL!!! I was so amazed that I bought the 5-pack. You won't be disappointed. (2 towels to dry a Wrangler)
  Reviewed by:  Brian from Illinois. on 3/6/2013
Best Microfiber for drying yet
  This is the first towel I have purchased that I can almost finish my car with. I used three before I purchased this one and only need to use an old towel to finish up now
  Reviewed by:  Wesley Coyne from Kingsport, Tn. on 2/24/2013
Great towel; a MUST for your car wash!
  I bought this towel and loved it so much that I'm buying another one. This towel is super absorbent and it's big so you can dry large areas of your car at one time. I highly recommend this towel over the waffle weave microfiber (I own both) since this does a better job at drying. Use the Micro Restore detergent to wash the towel when it becomes dirty.
  Reviewed by:  Andrew Yue from Silver Spring. on 2/14/2013
Perfect towel
  A $30 towel? C'mon, it can't be THAT good, right? Well it is. Out of the bag, this thing is as soft and plush as those kiddie/baby stuff animal toys that beg you to rub your face on.. and you know you do. I paired this with some Adam's Detail Spray, putting it down on my E92 M3 while the car was wet then drying the car with this towel. It completely absorbed every drop of water without leaving any streaks, spots, or towel fuzz. With the towel only being damp, I'm sure I could have dried another vehicle with it. Hands down, this is last drying towel you will need.
  Reviewed by:  Jonathan from Atlanta, GA. on 2/4/2013
Like No Other
  The Best says it all. If you use this and don't think it is the best drying towel ever, check into your nearest nut house for evaluation.
  Reviewed by:  RB from Maryland. on 1/28/2013
Soft, needs to break in
  I guess I had a different experience than many posters, as the first time I used this towel it had a very hard time drying much of anything. But, it is very soft (Feels more like a blanket than a towel) and I am confident that once it has been broken in a little, it will dry much better.
  Reviewed by:  Derek from California. on 12/27/2012
The giant microfiber drying towel kicks ass! Thanks again.
  The giant microfiber drying towel kicks ass! Thanks again.
  Reviewed by:  Alfred from USA. on 12/22/2012
Awesome product!
  Used this towel for the first time and it was excellent! Will dry an entire car fairly easily. I would recommend this to anyone, professional detailer or not!
  Reviewed by:  Keith from Connecticut. on 11/26/2012
Best drying towel I've ever used ...
  I have several waffle weave towels that have worked OK for the past couple of years. I decided to give this towel a try because I've always been pleased with DD's microfiber towels. I was simply amazed the 1st time I used it ... It soaks water like crazy and it's fairly large for a drying towel. From my observations (soaking it before machine wash in a 5-gal bucket), I believe this towel can soak approx. 2-2.5 gals of water ... you won't be disappointed!
  Reviewed by:  Gianni D from Spotsylvania, VA. on 9/16/2012
Hands Down
  THE best drying towel I have used. Used it on my soaked GTI. No wringing at all. I previously used 3 waffle weaves, now I just need one of these. Well worth the price, and so so plush.
  Reviewed by:  Matt C from Charlotte, NC. on 8/25/2012
  Definitely the best drying towel I have ever used. No complaints at all and can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love this towel. Use it on my show Vette and no plans to ever use anything else.
  Reviewed by:  John Bargerstock from Houston TX. on 8/5/2012
Big and thirsty
  This towel is huge: 48" z 26", bath towel size. It is thick: folded to make eight layers, it is three inches thick. The softest towel I have ever used. It completely dries my Golf R in almost no time. No wringing required. Laundering in Woolite restores it to like-new condition. Worth more than all the previous towels and chamois I have used over the years.
  Reviewed by:  Jody from New Bern, NC. on 7/27/2012
Blot drying perfection
  I prefer using the blot dry method to reduce marring as much as possible. The Uber SD MF Towel is a perfect companion for this task; especially when I pair it with my MetroVac Air Force Blaster to remove the residual water from the surface and crevices.
  Reviewed by:  Chase from St. Paul, MN. on 7/15/2012
Roughness free. Love it
  Got this just to complete an order over $100 and now it's become and essential. It's SO soft, soaks the water right in, and glides smoothly over the paint. Highly recommend it.
  Reviewed by:  Noel Sanchez from Los Angeles, CA. on 6/24/2012
Hands down the best
  Literally shocking at how with one pass your paint(prepped and clean) is dry like water never hit it. I started out with a drying towel(McG's) at the local auto part store many years ago which would constantly have to be rung out and still wouldn't dry it completely. I even tried a couple other drying towels from here(DD)and while they worked great. It was nothing like this towel it's really amazing.
  Reviewed by:  Jaime from New Jersey. on 3/26/2012
Drying made easy
  I normaly use a waffle weave towl to dry. These micro fiber towels are simply AWESOME! Love using them!
  Reviewed by:  Osvaldo Perez from Temecula, CA. on 3/15/2012
Worked beyond what I had hoped for
  This drying towel is so big and feels so plush. It dryed off my allroad so quickly. I would have had to go through many of the small microfiber towels to get the results of this big one. I could have probably dried a second vehicle right after the first. Highly recommended
  Reviewed by:  Steve from Sterling, VA. on 2/27/2012
Best drying towel I've used.
  This thing works so well, I wish I'd had it years ago. Makes drying your car a chore no longer. I've always had microfiber trying "towels" but they were no where near as big as this and didn't dry as well. This can do a whole car in minutes.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Greenville, SC. on 2/23/2012
  Excellent for drying and avoiding scratches and swirls.
  Reviewed by:  Reed from CT. on 1/18/2012
After two Washes...
  These towels are large, fluffy (as opposed to plush) and very soft to the touch. It was a little disappointing to see some 'fine thread' lint left on the surface of the car. Two washes later, and I'm satisfied. No lint/fine threads, and an effective drying towel. 4 stars instead of 5 because I had to wash it twice to be rid of the linting, and because it's not quite as good as another brand's plush drying towel I have. Still, worth the money, but wash first, maybe twice.
  Reviewed by:  Waynvision from Trinidad and Tobago. on 12/23/2011
Uber Goodness
  This towel really soaks up water to make drying quick and easy. Especially when it's a little too late in the evening to fire up the leaf blower!
  Reviewed by:  Pat from Westchester County, NY. on 11/1/2011
Hands down the best!
  Like the previous reviewer, I've been using the dedicated waffle weave dring towels since they where first introduced. Simply put, these blow them away. They are huge, and make quick work of drying any vehicle. Also, very, very soft. Give them a try.
  Reviewed by:  David Beyer from California. on 9/15/2011
So soft and absorbent
  I was surprised, I've been using waffle weave towels for years and this is just plain better! soooo soft and absorbent. My bathroom towels are jealous.
  Reviewed by:  KitW from California. on 9/12/2011
Very impressed
  Excellent product, I was surprised at ho soft and absorbent it was. Definitely worth the price.
  Reviewed by:  Amar Husain from Roseville, MN. on 9/9/2011
big. soft.
  surprisingly large and absorbent - dried an entire X6... expensive but I'm not buying like 5, I just need 1.
  Reviewed by:  Tom Dadourian from Denver. on 8/25/2011
Great product
  Best towel I have ever used. Very absorbant!! Works great and has helped me avoid scratches on my new paint.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from Dallas. on 8/19/2011
So soft!
  Best towels I have used. I used one towel to dry my X5.
  Reviewed by:  Lin from New York. on 8/11/2011
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