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Uber Small Dressing Applicator Pad
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Uber Small Dressing Applicator Pad
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Uber Blue Large Dressing Applicator Pad

This is a notched applicator pad for better handling while using your favorite dressings.

This applicator has a diameter of 4.5" and thickness of 2".

Products that we have found great with this are
Black Wow
Adam's VRT
Swissvax Pneu
Swissvax Seal
Swissvax Nano
Einszett Vinyl and Rubber Care
and many many more!

Customer Reviews
Uber Small Dressing Pad
  Works great! Perfect size for mid-low profile tires. Perfect applicator for Adam's Super VRT.
  Reviewed by:  Dave from CT. on 7/13/2013
Lg Applicator Pad
  Nothing ground breaking but certainly a very good applicator for a multitude of dressings. I use it for Adam's VRT while dressing my exterior trim.
  Reviewed by:  Kurt from North Jersey. on 10/1/2012
  This uber pad works very well, could be a little more solid but works well and does it's job as needed. I use it for Adam's super VRT works perfect :)
  Reviewed by:  Tim Plastow from Utah. on 1/16/2012
Uber Small Dressing Applicator Pad
  I like using this for applying sealant or wax. Perfect size!
  Reviewed by:  drew935 from Cali. on 1/5/2012
  Applicator is a great size and perfect for applying tire shine gel.
  Reviewed by:  Matt Battaglia from Marina, CA. on 12/26/2011
Uber Small Dressing Applicator Pad
  Great applicator used it to apply CarPro Perl on tires and allowed me to apply it evenly to the tires on my brothers car.
  Reviewed by:  Jonathan Clark-Harris from Villa Rica, GA. on 12/12/2011
Hockey Pucks
  One can never have too many of these around. I use them for tire dressings, as they are the perfect size for low profile tires 40-30 series. At this price they are disposable after a few uses if they get saturated with product. Although they fit perfectly in most carnauba wax containers, I feel they are a bit too coarse for use on paint.
  Reviewed by:  Jae from Daytona Beach, FL. on 11/12/2011
Perfect size
  These are the perfect size for applying dressing to tires, windshield cowls, side mirrors, any plastic trim. They are easy to hold onto so you don't drop them on the ground and contaminate them, they hold plenty of product and make application easy. These will probably get added to every order I place.
  Reviewed by:  Seth from Springfield, Ohio. on 10/3/2011
  Great for applying product to tires and engine bays. Solid buy.
  Reviewed by:  Daniel from NJ. on 10/3/2011
Best dressing applicator out there
  This dressing applicator is absolutely perfect. The yoyo-style design keeps my hand clean while the round shape allows me to apply tire dressing very evenly. The best part is that I can pour some dish soap onto the applicator, wash it out, and it's good to go all over again. When one side becomes too black, I just flip it over and use the other side. I can dress the tires of at least 10 vehicles with one applicator before it gets too dirty, and for $1.50 a pop it's totally worth it.
  Reviewed by:  Emile from Alpine, NJ. on 7/12/2011
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