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Uber Latex-Free & Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves - New Qty
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Uber Latex-Free & Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves - New Qty
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Uber Latex-Free & Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves

NEW Quantity - 100 Gloves Per Box - 50 pairs!

We have finally been able to pick up these Powder Free Nitrile Gloves in bulk.  We have used it in house for over 6 years.  These are great!  I haven't found anything better.

Nitrile is strong and elastic, and it is resistant to a wider range of chemicals than vinyl or latex, offering excellent barrier protection. 


   - High Performance Medical Glove
   - One - time use
   - Outstanding Barrier Protection
   - Textured Fingertips for Better Grip
   - Latex Free
   - Universal Size
   - Total of 100 gloves or 50 pair

Customer Reviews
So far so good
  I ordered these gloves because they're powder and latex free. I know the description states that they are a universal size, however, they feel like medium size to me. I normally wear large gloves so these were just a bit on the tight side. I just wish they were a bit bigger.
  Reviewed by:  Jonathan Caldito from Glendale, CA. on 9/6/2013
  the gloves fit fine;they are very durable and I also like the color;
  Reviewed by:  monica mcfarland from ms. on 8/28/2013
  Keep my hands clean. Harsh chemicals off. Priced enough you could throw them if you wanted but good enough quality they can be used multiple times
  Reviewed by:  Aaron from Minnesota. on 5/25/2013
Exactly what I was looking for!
  These gloves work fantastic! Great quality, powder free, and at a perfect price for the amount you get.
  Reviewed by:  Patrick A. from Duarte, CA. on 9/17/2012
  Very good quality gloves.
  Reviewed by:  Ric Franco from Santa Fe, NM. on 6/6/2012
Powderfree, smell free, guilt free
  The Uber nitrile gloves are a must have. It's surprisingly difficult to find at big box retailers so I suggest purchasing through Detailers Domain. I've used other nitrile gloves in the past but these take the cake. They are powder free, they are smell free (your hands won't smell like latex/rubber), and they are so cheap you won't have to grab a soiled pair every time you need to use them.
  Reviewed by:  Chaseme from Minneapolis, MN. on 5/23/2012
Great Gloves
  Love theses gloves they work great and a great price.
  Reviewed by:  Todd from seattle. on 2/19/2012
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