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Uber Genuine Wool Wash Mitt (V2)
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Uber Genuine Wool Wash Mitt (V2)
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Uber Wool Wash Mitt (version 2)

After a long search for a replacement to our successful Uber Wool Wash Mitt, I'm happy to say we finally found one.  The New Uber Wool Wash Mitt V2 is made of
Merino wool.  Merino wool is known for its silky texture and long fibers. Since the wool is on the natural hide, the Uber Wool Wash Mitt V2 will not shed.

Ideal For:
  • Washing cars, RVs and boats
  • Can also be used for cleaning leather upholstery/accessories
Size - 7" x 7.75" with a 3" elastic cuff. The cuff fits snug around your wrist to keep the mitt from slipping while working. The Uber Wool Wash Mitt V2 is dual-sided, so there is no wrong way to wear the mitt.

Caring for your Uber Wool Wash Mitt V2
- The Uber Wool Wash Mitt V2 is completely machine washable!  Simply use a mild detergent and cold water setting.  Hang dry away from direct sunlight.  To keep the fluffy appearance we recommend brushing the wool while drying.
Customer Reviews
Great mitt
  Super soft and gentle, highly recommend getting one!
  Reviewed by:  Demetrios from Northern NJ. on 5/7/2014
  This thing is great! Thick & soft for washing our car. Worth every cent of the cost.
  Reviewed by:  Frank Roskam from Lebanon, TN. on 12/27/2013
Perfect size
  I got these to replace my blue gout sponge and these work soo much better. They hold a lot of water and if glides across the car perfectly. They are a bit heavy when they are soaked but gets the job done. Easy to clean as well. Just wash them and hang them.
  Reviewed by:  Mark from Hong Kong. on 5/8/2013
Beautifully Fluffy
  And I thought my existing wool mitt was fluffy! This thing is enormous and stores a huge volume of rinse water to ensure a panel being cleaned remains flooded. It is also very soft and doesn't release fibers. So far I love mine and look forward to its continued use!
  Reviewed by:  Adrian Russell from Chicago, IL. on 4/3/2013
shiny car nut
  need 1 more... i've tried sea sponges etc. but nothing better than this mitt so far. i'd recommend it.
  Reviewed by:  stanley harley from south richmond hill N.Y.. on 12/6/2012
Very Good wash mitt
  This mitt is very very soft and gentle. It does hold an extremely high amount of water and it does trap dirt and grime. Overall, it does the job though and it does not hurt the paint/clear coat at all. I will continue to use it!
  Reviewed by:  Jordan Perry from Italy. on 7/11/2012
Very good mitt
  Holds soap like nobody's business. While it doesn't feel as soft as some of the synthetics, it doesn't put swirls in the paint. Like everyone else said, it does trap and keep dirt. I would try scrubbing it against the grit guard, but even then it still kept particles. I a bit pricey for my tastes though, but I'd buy it again.
  Reviewed by:  Brett from NC. on 7/1/2012
Almost Perfect
  First thing you'll notice is that this thing is SOFT. It's very gentle on the paint. Like the other reviewer has said though, it does seem to trap some dirt particles due to the wool. So, it's critical that a two bucket system be employed and in the rinse bucket, you should run your fingers through the mitt to make sure everything is out of the mitt. Ideally, I think a three bucket system would work best, but that's a bit much , maybe.
  Reviewed by:  Allen Sun from Los Angeles. on 3/12/2012
  Great mitt, but holds dirt a little more than it should. Overall super soft and gentle..
  Reviewed by:  Tim Plastow from Utah. on 1/17/2012
Epic Water Holding Ability
  This wash mitt does just what it says and seems to be extremely gentle on your paints finish. I haven't been able to see any marring this has caused while washing modern paint. It holds so much more water than you would believe, which helps keep the surface wet and slick while you're washing it. It doesn't suds up like a sponge would though. Overall, I love using this thing on cars that stay mostly clean, but it does seem delicate, so I don't use it on dirtier cars.
  Reviewed by:  Travis Maulden from Spring, TX. on 11/9/2011
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