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Uber Classic Microfiber Towel Blue
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Uber Classic Microfiber Towel Blue
Item Id: UberClassicMicrofiberBlue
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The Uber Classic Microfiber Towel

Size 16x16 Blue

This is the one that we started it all with, and now we are bringing it back.Many of our customers have asked us to bring this back, we finally got them back in stock for you all to enjoy!

The Uber Classic is a high quality microfiber towel that is plush and super soft.

Constructed with a dual pile weave, one side has long fibers and the other short fibers. The long fiber side works great in quick detail and waterless car wash applications where dirt needs to be carried away from the paint surface. The short fiber side is great for buffing away polish and wax.


* Dual Pile weave - One side high pile, one side low pile
* Great with Waterless Car Wash & Quick Detailing Sprays
* Tagless - siticker tag is easily removed
* Cloth Banding - for extra protection

How to Care for Microfiber

Taking care of your microfiber products is pretty easy, there are just a few things that you should remember to keep your products effective and long lasting. You can wash and dry your microfiber products in your household washer and dryer, with warm water and low heat.To keep your microfiber "like new":

* Do not use Bleach
* Do not use Fabric Softener
* Do not wash with other cotton products.

Microfiber products do not like bleach, bleach breaks down the polyester and polyamide micro-filiments, rendering them less effective. Fabric softeners provide a layer of "softeness" on your clothing, which is nice for clothing that you wear, but this coating clogs the microfibers, rendering them less effective. It is not that microfiber products do not like cotton products or other fabrics, it is that when you wash your cotton products with microfiber the microfiber products grab and hold onto the lint that the cotton produces. So if you do not want your microfiber towels to lint then you should not wash them with cotton products.Some users of microfiber, automotive, janitorial, need a more effective way to remove dirt, grime, oils, and etc. from their microfiber towels, and Household detergents just don't do the job. Many users like to keep their microfibers in prestine condition, for this there is the original Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent.

Customer Reviews
High Quality Towel
  I havent used any professional/detailing grade micro towel before, and always used those cheap ones they sell in generic auto store or ones that came with the bottle of wax. First time using it was was surprised how thick and plush the towel is and how absorbent it is. Its very soft as well easily glide over my car. Very nice towel. If I have to nit pick something about it, is I wish it came in a bigger size.
  Reviewed by:  Lawrence Chan from Hong Kong. on 8/15/2014
awesome towel
  Compared to CG yellow towels, their monster towel, and pretty much any of their towels this is THE softest I have found bar none. Even after a year, I have about 10 of these and they are still going strong, they are still just as soft as day one, the edge stitching is still intact and they are relatively lint free. A must for anyone who details cars.
  Reviewed by:  Karl Baldwin from Fresno CA. on 11/9/2011
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