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Uber Black Pad 5.5 inch wax/sealant pad
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Uber Black Pad 5.5 inch wax/sealant pad
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Uber Foam Buffing Pads

We have been selling foam buffing pads for some time now as well as using them on our personal and customers' cars. Even though I detail cars quite often I find myself asking: what pad, what color, and what product from time to time.

In an effort to better the product and more aptly serve my clients I added the following guidelines to the back of the pads.

The Uber Foam Pads now have the step (medium polish/polish/final polish/wax/sealant) stamped on the back of it.

Orange pad = medium polish (European Foam)

Green pad = polish (60 PPI)

Blue pad = glaze or final polish (70 PPI)

Black pad = glaze/wax/sealant (80 PPI)

The other benefits to the Uber Foam Pads are highlighted below.


We have taken the extra step to evenly trim the Velcro loop back from the outer edge of the pad to prevent accidental contact with the paint that could cause $100's or possibly $1000's in damages. Check our enclosed sample against your current stock.


Our pads our consistently crisply and cleanly cut. The side walls of the pad are perfectly straight down on every pad.Check your current pads and you will find inconsistent concave sidewalls. This is due to incorrect cutting procedures. You will find every pad will look different.  CONSISTENT QUALITY!


A common problem with Velcro pads is the Velcro peeling off. We are using an adhesive that will never come off -ever. It is heat resistant, chemical resistant and 100% fully washable for multiple uses. There is no better value!

Helpful Hints and Tips:

Unlike wool pads, there are no blended foam buffing pads. Foam pads are 100% foam, but they perform slightly different from each other on the basis of how they're constructed. Under a microscope, foam pads look like a bee's honeycomb, small uniformly shaped cells. The smaller the cells the more densely the construction, this type of foam pad would be considered less aggressive, thus it would be considered a finishing pad. The opposite effect takes place if the foam cells were larger, or less dense. This construction will cause the foam pad to be more aggressive, as in a compounding pad.

There are various grades of foam pads on either side of the aggressive or finishing scale. We make up to 4 grades of foam pads; each represented by a different color. Early on, foam buffing pad colors were standardized, however,more colors were added to the mix and now there is a broad band or examples.

All of our pads are made of high strength reticulated foam. In other words, the cells are open; this allows air to flow through the foam. Chemical compounds and polishes require the right amount of air flow through the foam. Open cell foam is ideal for this process to succeed. Not only is closed cell foam not ideal, it is weaker structurally.

Customer Reviews
Uber Blk Pad
  Pad does what its design to do. Nothing special beside that you use it on a pc. Make my job easier.
  Reviewed by:  john from Socal. on 6/30/2014
Got what I expected
  I bought this pad so I could apply sealants and waxes easier. It made sealing the bigger areas of the car a breeze, and I noticed no marring of any kind. The description on the back telling what to use it for is helpful so you don't lose track of which pad is which
  Reviewed by:  Bill from Alaska. on 7/22/2013
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