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Stoner Tarminator
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Stoner Tarminator
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Stoner Tarminator

Have you noticed that tar, sap, grease, and other road grime is accumulating on the exterior of your vehicle?  It will damage your car's finish and dull your paint if you don't remove it.  It won't wash off with soap and water.  Detergents can't remove it.  What can you do?  You need the solution preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, and enthusiasts.  You need Tarminator.

Size: 10 oz
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Customer Reviews
This stuff is good
  Works really well with getting off tar and sticky stuff off your car.
  Reviewed by:  Reek from pA. on 4/26/2015
  This is my first time trying Stoner's Tarminator, and I am glad that I did. This is a great product for all kinds of cleaning on the outside of a vehicle. It is safe for clearcoat finishes and does a great quick job of serious cleaning any thing I've found on the body from tar and pine pitch to dried wax and of course bugs. I hope to be able to buy and use this product for many years to come.
  Reviewed by:  DClayton from Clifton Park, NY. on 9/10/2014
Great Product!
  Tarminator is truly a great product. It works amazingly well. Tar or any other grime this works exceptionally well on it. One of my favorite things to do with it is to strip all of the tire dressings off with it. You would be amazed on whats still left after you scrubbed with brushes and apc. Just spray some on a MF towel (Pick a cheap one like the Costco MF's, because it will get really dirty and grimy) It's a great products and for the price how could you go wrong!
  Reviewed by:  Jordan Lee from Vancouver B.C. on 12/22/2013
Great product
  Tarminator works very very well at removing any gunk, tar or sticky stuff from your car without damaging the paint at all. I even use it to remove the sticky stuff left over on jars from the label so my kids can use them for bugs.
  Reviewed by:  Chet Rickerman from Colorado. on 5/17/2013
  Cuts the mustard on exhaust tips, wheel barrels, etc. Along with Menzerna SI 1500 it brought my wheel barrels back to near perfect condition.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Mi. on 5/31/2012
This is deep cleaning!
  Saw Phil use it in one of his write-ups to clean up old tire dressings. In anticipation of my new set of tires, I ordered a can. The gunk dressing they plop on at the tire store slung everywhere. I tried tarminator and it cleaned the tire down to the bare rubber with just spray on and hose off, waiting about 60 seconds. I scrubbed the tires again after rinsing with APC again to make sure Tarminator was all gone.
  Reviewed by:  Jae from Daytona Beach, FL. on 12/2/2011
Great Product!
  Tarminator does exactly what says and is really great for removing stubborn tar, sap, and grease! Its safe and does the job! It's also really great on tires to get rid of that brown film that can sometimes develop and leaves the rubber looking like new!
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from PA. on 11/19/2011
Strong yet safe to remove tar/tree sap
  I use this product a lot to mainly remove tar from the wheels and the lower panels of the car. Has never let me down in the last 2 years. spray it on and let it dwell for couple minutes. you will start seeing the tar melting away right after spraying it. I have also used this to remove tree sap on the hood couple times and was not that impressed. But for removing tar, cheap and best product.
  Reviewed by:  Abi from Houston,TX. on 11/9/2011
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