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Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner 500ml
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Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner 500ml
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Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner 500 ml
500 ml / 16.9 oz

Precision Wheel Cleaner for safe and effective removal of brake dust and stubborn dirt

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaneris a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced rim and wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels, including aluminum and alloys. This formulation is also effective and safe for use on painted wheels andwill not deteriorate clear coats.

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleanercontains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water soluble iron complex. During the use of your vehicle, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the surface of rims and wheels due to the high temperature conditions theyare normally exposed. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and once sintered to the rim, becomes extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without the use of harsh chemicals.

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner sprays on as a thick, flourescent green foam. As the cleansing foam begins to work into the dirt and grime, the formula begins to turn red. The red coloration is the SONAX Wheel Cleaner forming a bond to the sintered iron on the wheel and changing its state to a water soluble complex for easy removal. Stubborn, baked on grime may take a small amount of agitation. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a power washer and wipe dry.

Directions for Use:

  1. Turn nozzle to spray position
  2. For best results, spray onto dry (pre-rinsed), cool wheels
  3. Spray evenly onto all wheel surfaces (Cleaner will spray on fluorescent green)
  4. Depending upon soil level, allow to stand 3 to 5 minutes. Cleaner turns red upon contact with sintered iron particles. This is a normal reaction.
  5. Use a brush for extremely stubborn dirt
  6. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a sharp stream of water from hose or pressure washer

Special Warning:

  1. Do not use in hot sun or apply to wheels when warm or hot
  2. Do not allow SONAX Wheel Cleaner to dry onto the wheels after applying the product 

Take a look at the demo below:

Test subject a 2010 Audi S4, with all the bad weather I figured thiswas a great time to test it out. 4-5 weeks without washing the car (dueto rain, snow, northeast winter)

Take a look I followed the instructions to the tee and got some amazingresults, dare I say this will be a hit! I'm going to say even betterthan my favorite wheel cleaner.

Before shot of the wheel

Sprayed it on, and it was immediately green as stated in the directions

Started to turn colors within minutes

Take a look at it cleaning. (this was after quickly using the UberSpoke Brush and Uber Boars Hair Brush nothing crazy just a quickbrushing)

Used a power washer and they look great!

Product Highlight Video

Customer Reviews
Best product I've used
  This is definitely the best product I've come across. I could really tell the difference when I ran out and had to use another wheel cleaner I bought at the local auto store, it was night and day.
  Reviewed by:  Tom from Columbus, OH. on 1/1/2015
Not as good as I hoped
  I've tried a number of wheel cleaners and I've found them all lacking. Sonax is pretty good - and maybe the best of a not-so-good bunch.
  Reviewed by:  Rick from Round Rock, TX. on 12/31/2014
Great wheel cleaner
  I've tried a few different cleaners - P21s, Chemical Guys, Poor Boys and Meguiar's. Sonax Full Effect is by far the best. The wheels had a few months of caked on grime and brake dust. Full Effect and a bit of agitation and the wheels cleaned up like new. It's a bit more costly than the others but it work really well.
  Reviewed by:  MIke from Maryland. on 12/31/2014
Good Stuff
  Even after a lengthy time between cleanings it will cut through months of brake dust!
  Reviewed by:  Dan from Louisville, KY. on 12/27/2014
  Everyone claims to have the best product to clean your wheels. I have to say I was very skeptical at first but I bought it anyway. I cannot believe how great this product works and this is an understatement. I will be looking to buy more Sonax products.
  Reviewed by:  Marcus B from Coconut Creek, FL. on 10/8/2014
  This is the best wheel cleaner your money can buy. It is costly though so I reserve it for wheels with heavy brake dust contamination because nothing dissolves the brake dust as effectively as this product. My order from DD arrived very quickly and was packaged well. Nothing was damaged.
  Reviewed by:  Ted from North Carolina. on 4/14/2014
  Reviewed by:  DAVID S from COLA SC. on 3/25/2014
Weekend Cleaner
  The product works great. Very effective at cleaning. The sprayer on it sucks though. Wish it would spray in more of a mist pattern instead of a stream. Otherwise though, no complaints!
  Reviewed by:  Chad from Everett, WA. on 3/1/2014
Sonax wheel cleaner
  Hands down the best wheel cleaner I've used.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Massachusetts. on 10/10/2013
Great stuff
  First time user. Will not use anything else from here on out.
  Reviewed by:  Matt from Clearwater, FL. on 10/3/2013
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
  This stuff is awesome! The wheels on my Volvo were looking really bad and after only one application they looked shiny and new! A little scrubbing was needed but not much. Thanks for such a great product!
  Reviewed by:  Candy from PA. on 7/25/2013
Reflections Auto Detailing
  Best wheel cleaner... that is all that there is to be said about this product. Everything else should be compared to this (and they will all come up short)
  Reviewed by:  Anthony Gonzalez from Miami. on 7/25/2013
Police Officer
  I've used this product in the past and it works very well to remove brake dust and other road grime that collects on your wheels. The best part is you can see it working when it changes colors.
  Reviewed by:  Jon from North Syracuse, NY. on 7/10/2013
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
  Cleans brake dust and more right off the wheels. They look brand new when finished with only some light rubbing. I think it takes a little of the wax off too, but the results are well worth it.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from CT. on 6/18/2013
Brake Dust Meet Your Demise!
  Sti brembos are notorious for break dust. Was a choir to clean those bbs wheels. Not anymore! This product is amazing. Melts away the debris and dust. Along with a little brush agitation and those gold bbs wheels shine like no tomorrow! Will purchase again!
  Reviewed by:  Hoffman from Steelton. on 6/11/2013
I love it
  I have used the wheel and rim cleaner with the brush and 3 wheel woolies and want to tell you how happy I am with my purchase - The cleaner just melted dirt right off the tires and rims
  Reviewed by:  Rosario from USA. on 6/3/2013
Owner of Elite1 Autospa
  This is another one of those quality products that was tested and approved by Detailersdomain a must have
  Reviewed by:  Kevin F from Aberdeen, NC. on 5/23/2013
Wouldn't Use Anything Else
  I have tried plenty of wheel cleaners, and I can safely say that Sonax gets my vote of confidence and stamp of approval. It is so easy to use! I like to spray the wheels and let it sit while I am prepping the rest of my cleaning supplies for the car, and then it is just a rinse a move on to the next step with minimal scrubbing required!
  Reviewed by:  Trent from Portland, OR. on 5/8/2013
Works great
  My wheels weren't too dirty to begin with but it did the job.
  Reviewed by:  Z from DC Metro area. on 5/5/2013
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner is great!
  Sure, it's a bit expensive, but it works better than any other wheel cleaner out there. Just spray it on, let it turn purple, brush it a bit, and rinse away to reveal a shiny clean wheel. Highly Recommend it!
  Reviewed by:  Vic from Washington. on 4/21/2013
Sonax Full Wheel Cleaner
  I wasn't a believer but figured I would give it a shot...WOW...these make cleaning wheels SO much easier! Great just have to make sure it doesn't dry before you wash and hose off.
  Reviewed by:  Olakunle from New Jersey. on 4/16/2013
Amazing Wheel Cleaner
  I was recommended this product by a friend and actually bought it at the time when Detailers Domain was give it away free as well with a certain purchase amount. I have been using this product on two vehicles a 2011 Audi A4 and my moms older Pontiac Grand AM It made short work for my Audi just sprayed on and used a high pressure sprayer to clean if off afterwards, no scrubbing or anything else required to clean my wheels. On my moms car was the true test since it is an older car, the wheels aren't as new and had a lot more build up on them from over the years. I did have to scrub just a bit with a wheel brush but it made short work of her wheels as well and my moms wheels look almost brand new. I highly recommend this for any one wanting to clean their wheels with ease. I have already recommended to a few other friends who have purchased a bottle of this as well.
  Reviewed by:  Ty Keerikoolparn from San Diego. on 4/1/2013
Great monthly product
  I generally use this monthly, to remove contaminants (iron) from the wheels (BMW m3 M220 wheels). It works amazing it you let it dwell for a good period of time. Minor agitation may be needed for the barrels but the wheels are very bright when rinsed.
  Reviewed by:  thekurgan from California. on 3/27/2013
Awesome wheel cleaner
  Its never been easy to clean my wheels but is now because of this wheel cleaner
  Reviewed by:  Wesley Coyne from Kingsport, Tn. on 2/24/2013
Best Wheel Cleaner
  This wheel cleaner is some of the best stuff ive used or seen. Spray it on and watch all of the brake dust and iron particles melt away. You can even see it happening as the color changes from highlighter yellow to a burgundy red as it bonds with all of the contaminants on your wheels. Hit the wheels with a wheel brush or woollie and your wheels come out spotless. I use this on my DD with factory wheels as well as my Weekend car with HRE's so you know its safe for all kinds of wheels.
  Reviewed by:  Jahan Z from Silver Spring MD. on 2/23/2013
sonax wheel cleaner
  very good wheel cleaner just has alitte odor .
  Reviewed by:  miguel pagan from bronx. on 2/14/2013
Owner of a 2012 Audi S5
  The best wheel cleaner I have ever used.
  Reviewed by:  Elliott Dunwody from Macon, Ga. on 2/5/2013
Anal perfectionist
  Brake dust eater! Simply the best wheel cleaner available! Buy more than one!
  Reviewed by:  Jjack from Coastal NV. on 1/9/2013
good stuff
  I love it. Cleaning the wheels are a pain in the ass, but with this stuff, it's much easier. I highly recommend it!
  Reviewed by:  Jason from NJ. on 1/5/2013
The best, hands down (brushes too!)
  Absolutely the easiest, safest, and most consistent cleaner I've used. Even after a heavy 3-day track session (over 600 miles on CarboTech pads), we required little brush work on my TT RS. THIS is my go-to for wheels! In addition, Phil is my go to place for all my detailing supplies. Prices, inventory, specials, everything I need.
  Reviewed by:  E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II from Dallas, GA. on 12/29/2012
Best yet
  Best wheel cleaner I've found yet, I plan on keeping this in stock at all times. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Sobie from Detroit. on 12/14/2012
  Did a really nie Job of cleaning the rims on the vehicle. Did exaclty as advertised recommend this item
  Reviewed by:  Donald Coney from Aviano Italy. on 11/6/2012
Amazing Product
  I was having problems keeping my freshly powder coated white brembo brakes on my Evo X clean so I decided to try this and all I can say is "wow." What a difference a quality cleaner has on getting the brake grime and dirt off the calipers with little to no effort at all. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good product to keep your wheels clean. It works wonders! Thanks to Phil for recommending this to me, otherwise, I'd still be scrubbing!
  Reviewed by:  Nathaniel Patterson from Waco, TX. on 11/5/2012
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
  Excellent product and easy to use. I had spots where I really couldn't get a brush in on my brake calipers and this cleaner also did the trick for that. Highly recommend the product and detailers domain!!
  Reviewed by:  Rich Fogarty from Long Island, NY. on 10/24/2012
  Extremely easy to use. Just spray on to wheel, wait a couple of minutes until the product turns red, scrub or simply wash away; the result is the wheel looks super clean, and is so. Very good product. I will be buying many more of these. Definitely recommended. +++
  Reviewed by:  Wah from Beirut City. on 10/18/2012
wheel cleaner
  works great, best wheel cleaner on market
  Reviewed by:  karen berry from pennslyvania. on 9/4/2012
Good Cleaner, but expensive
  Can't quite figure out why one would spend extra for a cleaner that does exactly the same thing as a good car wash detergent. While it seems to clean okay, it feels like it's just an extra step that would have been taken care of with good sponge and water. Not overly impressed.
  Reviewed by:  Edward Jarrett from Tucson, AZ. on 8/5/2012
Best product ever.
  This has a ton of positive reviews for a reason. Best wheel cleaning product I have ever used, hands down. Wish it was a bit cheaper so I could buy more, but damn does it work well.
  Reviewed by:  Corey Fonseca from Rhode Island. on 8/4/2012
Sonax Wheel Cleaner
  Took advantage of the father's day special and ordered the 4 bottles of the Sonax wheel cleaner and got 2 free bottles.. I've been using this cleaner for about a year now on all 3 vehicles.. I won't use anything else and its safe for all wheel types.. Thanks again fot DD great service and fast shipping..
  Reviewed by:  Tony F from FL. on 7/15/2012
Not overly impressed
  I gotta say I was really excited to try this stuff out. It did an OK job I guess. The results were something I cold get with degreaser or ONR. P21S is still my all time go-to wheel cleaner. I don't think anything will trump that.
  Reviewed by:  Shawn from Nor Cal. on 7/11/2012
Great Product!!
  I jumped on a deal that phil posted on Audizine. No regrets at all. This stuff works great! I can't see myself using other wheel cleaners now that i have experienced Sonax Full Effect!
  Reviewed by:  Pat from Bay Area, CA. on 7/8/2012
  This is such an amazing product. It just destroys brake dust and makes cleaning wheels so much easier.
  Reviewed by:  Steven Yobs from Cayce, SC. on 7/5/2012
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
  Still getting in the habit of using this, but am really liking it. I still have to use brushes to finish the corners and such, but the work load has decreased significantly.
  Reviewed by:  Dylan Oxford from Atlanta. on 7/3/2012
Great product!
  Sonax has an awesome product that works perfect! I never had super heavy, caked on brake dust on my wheels, just enough to where dust would coat the entire wheel. I like to use the Sonax and a light brush like the Uber Boars hair wheel brush. Works perfect! Since my brake dust isn't always heavy, I don't use the product every wash. Every other couple times. Will recommend to friends and will buy again!
  Reviewed by:  Matt C from Erie, PA. on 7/1/2012
Sonax Wheel Cleaner
  Very good product, it did a great job of cleaning my Subaru's wheels. Now I do not have to use it as much when first starting out. I will be buying more of this soon.
  Reviewed by:  Michael Austin from Saginaw, TX. on 6/3/2012
Best There Is
  Nothing can describe how easy this is. Spray, lightly scrub (if even necessary) and spray. Cleans wheels like none other. Will buy again.
  Reviewed by:  Kelly from Kansas. on 5/27/2012
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner - Fantastic
  I was finally able to try and do a comparison on the Sonax and BMW Wheel Cleaner. I would like to state for the record that Sonax came out as the winner. Sonax.....Highly Recommended.
  Reviewed by:  Lawrence from USA. on 5/14/2012
  The best wheel cleaner I have ever used to tackle built up brake dust, rotor rust, and scum. Period. If your current product is not producing the results you're looking for use Sonax, then you can maintain with your "go-to" Used this way a bottle will last awhile. Wether you're a pro or an enthusiast this needs to be in your arsenal.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from USA. on 4/17/2012
The best wheel cleaner there is.
  I cannot believe how great this stuff works! I have always had trouble with getting the caked on brake dust off my gold BBS Sti wheels, well this stuff actually was able to get it off with very little scrubbing. Sonax has a new lifelong customer here.
  Reviewed by:  Michael from Chattanooga. on 4/17/2012
  This is the best wheel cleaner I've ever used, seen or even heard about! I rarely have to even brush the wheels; just spray, wait and rinse!
  Reviewed by:  Raj from Atlanta. on 4/4/2012
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