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P21S Total Auto Wash 1 Liter
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P21S Total Auto Wash 1 Liter
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P21S Total Auto Wash All Purpose Degreaser

Size 1000ml

P21S Auto Wash gets the dirt and grime out of rocker panels, engines, and other hard to reach places. This formula is great for removing diesel soot and other tough stains that ordinary car wash products just can't seem to cut.

P21S detergent formula, plus the addition of a powerful citrus solvent add up to unmatched cleaning power.

Helpful hints on engine cleaning:
Engine washing Dust and water splashes build up over time, but do not damage the engine. The time for engine washing is after the winter, when water and road salt have splashed up and left a white deposit.

The best place to clean the engine is at a commercial self-service car wash; this ensures that cleaning chemicals and (for older cars) rinsed-off oil do not get into groundwater. Aggressive products such as acid-containing cold cleaners should not be used to loosen dirt, however, since they can attack electrical equipment and plastics. Water-soluble engine cleaners are more suitable.

How to Clean your Engine
1. Spray the degreaser evenly onto cool, dry surfaces and let stand for three minutes.
2. Carefully remove oil, soot and other deposits using a Swissvax Detail Brush (if you use any other brush, make sure the brush head has no sharp metal edges), reapplying degreasercleaner occasionally.
3. Spray with plenty of clean water to rinse.
4. Dry the engine with compressed air (if available) or old towels.
5. Dress with your favorite dressing, Swissvax Pneu, Einszett Rubber /Vinyl Care, Adam's VRT

Customer Reviews
Great cleaner
  Works great and is safe on all surfaces, would definitely buy again. Be careful though, I had to pour it into another sprayer because the one that comes with it fell apart.
  Reviewed by:  Demetrios from Northern NJ. on 5/7/2014
Removes Bugs with Ease
  Spray this on the dead bugs on the front of your car after a long summer road trip, let it soak combined with a boars hair wash brush and the bugs come right off with no scrubbing. I also use it for cleaning tires of brake dust and old tire dressing. Great for wheel wells too. Four stars because it's bloody expensive.
  Reviewed by:  Nic Bode from Seattle. on 10/2/2013
Good Cleaner
  Not much to say about this that hasn't been said. I use it primarily on my engine bays and also tough jamb dirt; it's just plain good. Only minor complaint is the spray nozzle that came with it leaks product then spraying.
  Reviewed by:  Justin from Tinton Falls, NJ. on 7/11/2013
P21S Review
  This stuff is amazing. Eats away grim quickly but completely safe on other services....will definitely order again and again
  Reviewed by:  Greg from Omaha. on 6/30/2013
Outstanding Stuff!!
  It doesnt get much better than this for an automotive utility cleaner. Will be buying lots more.
  Reviewed by:  Charles K from Michigan. on 5/21/2013
What's Not to Love?!?
  What an amazing product! I've lost count of how many bottles and how many uses I've found for this product. It is by far the best go to solution for cleaning wheel wells, tires and engine bays. While there are marginally stronger degreasers on the market, they all seem to leave a film or coating that keeps the area from truly looking clean. Not so with TAW. This stuff removes all the gunk and leaves a perfectly clean area ready for detailing.
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/8/2012
  I bought this product based on the results from pics in the detailer's domain. I must say that the pics do not lie. This is great stuff! I've use some over the counter foam stuff and when you run the engine the fumes can choke. I'm a fan for life, that is until something better comes along.
  Reviewed by:  Louis T. from columbus, OH. on 5/6/2012
Safer yet strong enough to get the job done
  One of the best degreaser. I used a lot of degreasers that are available in the market and hands down, this is the best. Doesn't smell strong even at full concentration, but does the job like no other cleaner. Is also effective when diluted @ 2:1. I mainly use it on the paint,wheel wells,tires and engine bay. Can also be used on the interior surfaces. I always buy the 5L because I use it a lot.
  Reviewed by:  Abi from Houston,TX. on 11/9/2011
Good product, builds up on hoses
  I use this product on my engine bay. It works great, gentler than a degreaser, but still gets things clean. I use it everytime I wash my vehicles, so I'm not sure how well it would work on a severely gunked-up engine bay. My only complaint is that it seems to leave a residue on some (but not all) of my hoses. It's easy enough to clean off so maybe I just need to pay more attention when I rinse.
  Reviewed by:  JAYNESS the Great from Mid-atlantic. on 11/8/2011
p21s Total auto wash
  I have bought this item before, and surely will continue to buy it. i have used it on pretty much every part of my car except the interior. i cleans up the engine bay really well, as well as the lower body panels. i sometimes mix this in with some soup in my gilmour foam master, and foam it on my car. the result is a really clean, slick car, ready for claying. i would definitely recommend this to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  Lionel from California. on 8/14/2011
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